18 Best Technical Analysis Software for Stock Trading in India

Over the years, traders and investors have started using trading software for trading purposes. This software is also used for analysing products like stocks, futures, currencies and options. In the software, you would find multiple modules for not only managing order placement but also assessing profitable ways to invest in a business. Then there are options attached for doing both technical and fundamental analysis as well as performing automated trading. Overall, the software provides informational resources, trading capabilities and analysis for financial products.

What is Trading Software & Why You Should Consider It

Investors and traders use trading software for its automated trading capabilities and systems. There are also available other options such as chatrooms, proprietary tools, data charts and indicators for doing technical analysis.

Technical analysis software has helped traders and investors understand in more detail the nuances of making investments and doing trades. Then there are also available modules for paper and programmatic trading. While programmatic trading ensures automating of trade related activities, paper trading, on the other hand, offers risk-free transaction mechanisms without involving any real money.

How Technical Analysis Software for Indian Stock Market Works

Technical analysis software for intraday trading works with several key features enabled that help investors and traders make diligent investment decisions.

Investors and traders can research about stock markets and their ups and downs through this tool.

Such charts help one forecast stock patterns based on current as well as past data.

To keep you updated, stock trading software India brings the latest stock market news from relevant news sources.

You can also go through research papers and reports developed by third parties on general and stock market.

The constant availability of data such as a company’s worth, stock prices, quarterly reports, etc., lets traders and investors make informed decisions about their investment/trading choices.

List of 18 Best Technical Analysis Software for Indian Stock Market

Let’s explore these stock market software and trading solutions in detail with their USPs and key features.

Product USP
MasterSwift 2.0Best for tracking derivatives and equities
RichLive Trade Best for Indian market to do commodity, currency and stock markets
MetaTrader4 software Best for forex trading and technical analysis
MotiveWave Best broker neutral software
ECG trade Best for data visualization through charts
Investar Stock Trading Software Best for day trading and NSE stocks
eSignal Best for day trading
Spider Stock Trading Software India Best for end of day technical analysis
ShareKhan trade tiger Best for obtaining swing signals for equities etc.
Trader Guide Best for intraday trading strategies
NinjaTrader Best for managing expirations
AmiBroker India Best for portfolio backtesting
VectorVest Best for stock portfolio management
Profit Source Platform Best for short term traders
Algo Trader Best for quantitative research
WinTrader Best for commodity, currency and stock market segments
Angel Broking Best for trading on NSE, BSE, MCX, etc.
TradeV Best for trading signals for indices

The Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis & Buy Sell Signals

USP: Built-in trading tools for tracking derivatives and equities

Make critical trading decisions using Masterswift stock trading software’s built-in charting tools and technical indicators. Trusted by professionals such as investors, traders and bankers, the software gives access to data of different types such as historical, fundamental and market.

The buy sell signal software for efficient trade execution supports interactive dividends, earnings and splits along with detailed charts highlighting the key financial data. You are further free to use options such as financial data charts and dividend adjustment charts for better analysis of pricing patterns and stock prices.

Key Features of Masterswift Stock Trading Software in India:

Back testing is used for testing trading strategies against the available historical data for effective risk management.

This feature analyzes data patterns within trade charts to understand the prevailing market trends.

Masterswift integrates with third party platforms such as Excel, .Net, Python and Java for semi-automated online trade strategies.

End users can expect support from expert advisors for some real-time trading signals.

Several different types of charts and built-in indicators for trading directly using single click option.

Scanners for doing online stock trades for the best trading ideas.

Historical data of the past years to make wise stock selling and buying decisions.

USP: Best for Indian market to do commodity, currency and stock markets

RichLive Trade software is best used  for performing technical analysis and charting of stock markets. The buy sell signal software designed specifically for Indian market can thus be used by traders for analyzing stock, currency and commodity markets. In case you are looking for a package that provides for profitable trading then opt for RichLive Trade advanced technical signal software.

Use the software’s inbuilt technical indicators for analyzing the stock market and changing your profit ratio. There is something more that you can expect with the best charting software India. The team of RichLive provides support through its team of experienced trainers to help traders and investors understand as well as analyze the stock market. This is on of the best technical analysis software for Indian stock market.

Key Features of RichLiveTrade Software:

The buy sell signal software provides future predictions based on past performances of a stock for more accuracy.

Advanced filtering system to help traders  pick more than ninety-five percent accurate buy sell signals with hundred percent protected capital.

  • Works for All Global markets

RichLive technical Analysis software built by professional traders with years of experience in trading. Therefore you will find support for FOREX, All Global Indices, MCX(India), NSE (India) and COMEX (USA) markets.

  • Advance Software Personal Training

Having more than fifteen years of experience in Indian market, forex market and global market, the team of experts and professionals trains its customers to help them build up their money.

Call facility is designed to ensure that customers trade fearlessly by giving them accurate jackpot trades on the basis of fundamental, technical and numerological strategies.

Upgrading is a necessity these days for as demand and market behaviour is constantly changing. Update are regular and free to give all its end users a robust software functionality.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Expert Support for Lifetime

Support is our first priority and we ensure that anytime a customer requires help, it is available to them 24/7 forever.

  • Money Making Trading Course

Money why a person decides to get into trading. However many fail because if lack of knowledge on money management. Our money making trading course trains everyone with risk management and money making strategies.

Our software can be accessed on all platforms like Android Mobile, Tab, iOS, and Windows desktop for ease in the trading.

Scaling strategy designed for those who do not wish to invest much time in trading.

This scanner helps trader find out the best trade available in first fifteen minutes itself after the market starts. Trader can get in and exit the trade within half and hour earning good profits.

USP: Best for Forex Trading & Technical Analysis

#2 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

MetaTrader4 is one of the best Forex trading software used by traders for analysis of financial markets. The ample number of features incorporated within this auto trading software India helps traders belonging to varied skills levels. 

The automated trading software in India is best for undertaking technical analysis, algorithmic and flexible trading. Aside from these, Mobile trading and trading signals are other technical analysis tools for Indian stocks used by traders for analyzing both financial markets and Forex trades.

You can also undertake technical analysis of currency pairs in Forex market. The best charting software India allows trading of all currency pairs such as Major, Minor Exotic, Metals, Index, Stock and Commodity.

Key features of MetaTrader4:

  • Full featured trading system

The fully featured trading free trading software India has two execution modes and four order types.

This feature enables a user to buy indicators and trading robots.

You can develop, test and apply expert advisory and technical indicators.

Around thirty built-in indicators with two thousand free custom indicators and around seven hundred paid ones allow a trader to analyse markets at differing levels of complexity.

Trading signals allow one to copy deals of other traders.

As a trader, you can now keep yourself updated about the latest developments with the help of MT4 software’s SMS and push notification services.

The mobile version of MetaTrader4 is available for both Android & iPhone to help traders stay updated with the latest financial market trends.

MetaTrader4 Technical Analysis Software Price India: The demo version is available for free free trading software India download whereas the Pro and Standard versions are payable in nature.

USP: The latest version 6.1.11 is data feed & broker neutral

#3 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

MotiveWave trading platform makes market research process quite easy for traders. Also available in this professional trading software are tools for taking up such analysis as Fibonacci, Gann, Gartley, Elliott Wave and Ratio. You can also use other available core support features like strategy trading, scanners, replay mode, optimization, back testing, reporting, replay-mode, trade simulation and walk-forward testing.

Key features of MotiveWave:

MotiveWave software supports two hundred and fifty inbuilt strategies, studies, optimizations, replay modes, walk-forward testing, Java SDK and back testing.

  • Native Multiple Monitor Support

Use the ‘Tile Windows’ feature to display several graphs/charts on multiple screens simultaneously. 

As a trader, you can place, change, cancel orders and visualize positions directly from a chart.

MotiveWave Free Technical Analysis Software India Price: The software is priced at ₹ 7028 per month.

USP: One of the best stock trading software with an easy chart guide.

Trade is one of the best technical charting platforms, which helps visualize historical data through charts. You can visualize striking trends and patterns to lower your trading risks. You can sue the different types of charts for identifying price patterns as well as tracking price trends. This technical analysis software for stock market provides indicator signals, which even the beginners can understand well and know when to buy and when to sell.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time data about the stock exchange
  • Helps manage equity for both cash and shares market
  • Also helps with stock future options along with Nifty call & put
  • Data update frequency is one-second and starts reflecting in the one-minute format
  • Provides currency and commodity backfill
  • Tick by tick procedure to provide faster real-time date.

ECG Trade Pricing: ECG Trade software for intraday trading comes at ₹ 12000 for one user. Other ECG Trade pricing plans available with Techjockey are:

  • Equity – ₹ 1200 per month
  • Currency – ₹ 1200 per month
  • NSE F&O – ₹ 1200 per month

USP: Ideal for day trading and swing trading NSE stocks

#5 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

Investar stock market software India is for managing portfolios and analysis Indian stock markets (NSE, BSE, NSE F&O, MCX and NCDEX). The software also provides auto-divergence and mutual funds scans. You can also make use of this stock trading software’s multi-time frame query options.

Additionally, you can trade with leading online brokers through Investar. Easily import transactions from broker Trade Book or Contract Note. View easily your exact portfolio position on any date in the past.

Key features of Investar:

This feature scans stocks with high risk/reward ratio, resistance breakouts and supply/demand zone breakouts. The software also identifies targets on any stock.

  • Auto-Trendlines for trend analysis

Through this feature, you can identify trend reversals with trendline breakouts. Trendlines get automatically plotted on the chart for identifying trends.

  • Fundamental and Technical analysis

Make use of fundamental and technical analysis for perfecting your buying/selling time.

Investar provides technical indicators for analysing futures, stocks and options.    

Pricing: Yearly subscription for Investar can be bought for ₹10,950. There are around seven versions of the software available based on individual requirements and devices used (mobile, tablet, etc.).

USP: A reliable charting software for day trading

#6 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

With eSignal’s charting and technical analysis tools, you can execute trade processes efficiently. Built-in are also scanning and back testing instruments for assessing the effectiveness of trading strategies. The authorized representative of e-Signal software is VIRATECH software.

Real-time data service of the software provides access to data from different global markets to set strategy and implement best trade practices. With the help of this intraday trading software, you can gather intraday market data for trading decisions. You can use customizable and flexible charting tools for gathering the data with this intraday trading software.

Key features of eSignal:

With the help of available filters and alerts, the software makes it possible to display trading alerts by market experts.

Use shortcut keys; attach/detach pages to create customisable workspace.

Trading/Order Management System connects directly with over fifty plus brokers.

Make use of advanced technical analysis course for learning about markets. This is especially designed for investors planning to improve their trading techniques.

You can find out about new trading opportunities without going through the hassle of searching from over thousands of individual stocks.

eSignal Technical Analysis Software Cost: The software is available at a price of ₹25,707 per month.

  • Spider Stock Market Software

USP: One of the best real-time and end of day (EOD) technical analysis software

#7 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

A leading application, Spider Software is utilized for undertaking technical analysis of latest stock market trends. Along with charting of stock market, in the software you would also find module for managing portfolios. These are necessary for making the whole trading business a profitable venture. Also available are built-in indicators as well as real-time data to help traders use the software for accurate data predictions and analysing stock movement.

Key features of Spider Stock Market Software India

It provides live NSE data for real-time analysis of futures and F&O scripts. 

It helps with live tracking of the equity market with the help of Neat Feed.

Spider software provides advanced technical analysis tools for Indian stocks to manage multiple exchanges.

It helps with automatic tracking and analysis of the latest movements in the currency market.

This stock trading software provides end of the day data along with post-market NSE, back testing, etc.

Price of Spider Stock Market Technical Analysis Software: The price of Spider Stock market software is available on request.

USP: Provides swing trading signals for equities, indices, etc.

#8 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

Trade Tiger is an online trading platform for accessing information from multiple exchanges such as NSE and BSE. It is one of the best share trading software offering such advanced features as twenty-four hours market news, international market watch and access to trading calls.

The software provides information for not just NSE and BSE but also MCX, mutual funds, NCDEX, and IPOs. You can also make use of graph studies that cover average, MACD, RSI, Band-Bollinger and Know Sure Thing. There is also available user defined alert setting for input stock price trigger.

Key features of Trade Tiger:

Receive automatic alerts based on chart patterns along with details of technical events.

Spot, buy and sell an opportunity in BSE quickly and with ease.

  • Advanced charting features

Create charts using mathematical tools for outlining trading rules.

Stock quotes change as and when there is change in exchange. You can live stream these changes anytime, anywhere.

There are available also various tools such as Tick Query, Ticker, Market Summary, Action Watch and Span Calculator for gauging market trends.

It provides real-time news & recommendations based on the research by Sharekhan experts.

Helps discover any new financial market trends.

Trade Tiger Software Price: Information related to the software’s pricing structure is available on request.

USP: Helps with the best intraday trading strategies

Trader Guide is a stock trading analysis software India, which provides accurate intraday signals. Receive reliable signals for buying/selling purposes in both Bearish and Bullish market.

Features of Trade Guide

Allows create and save drawings with resistance, support, horizontal lines and more.

It generates buy sell signals for positional traders and intraday traders.

You can also track the performance of buy sell signals with Trade Guide software.

Trade Guide Pricing: The price is available on request at the official website.

Best mobile trading platform in india for Beginners

USP: Helps active traders quickly manage expirations

#10 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

NinjaTrader technical analysis software supports trade management with pre-defined entry and exit points. Thus, you can have profitable trading with minimum stress. It further eliminates emotions from trading decisions and helps save time on analysing market trends and creating trading strategies.

Features of NinjaTrader

You can discover new trading opportunities with analytic reports and charts.

The software helps with simulation and backtesting to test trading opportunities.

You can either automate or perform trading tasks manually.

Developers can build their own drawing tools and indicators.

NinjaTrader Software Price: Customized for both forex and futures, NinjaBroker’s pricing details are available on its official website.

USP: One of the best portfolio backtesting software

#11 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

AmiBroker technical analysis software provides powerful and easy-to-use charts and ensures quick portfolio backtesting. With custom backtesters, scoring and ranking features, it ensures effective optimization. You can also use this software for automating routine tasks with its batch processor.

Features of AmiBroker India

It provides bar-by-bar ranking to help users find a profitable option for trading.

The software checks Out-Of-Sample performance to check the sturdiness of your system.

Provides worst-case scenarios to make users ready for adverse market situations.

This window includes everything, including optimizations, backtesting and explorations with Monte Carlo Simulation.

It provides symbolic data in tabular format for multi-purpose screening.

Pricing: AmiBroker is available at Rs 37,032 with two years of free upgrades.

USP: Ideal for independent investors for stock portfolio management

#12 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

Use VectorVest technical analysis software for undertaking stock analysis as well as deploying viable strategies that are time-tested for stock recommendations. The mobile version lets you analyze stock details any time from any location.

Features of VectorVest

This will make your trading entry and exit points more accurate.

It helps devise robust investing strategies for trading in the Indian stock market.

With forced rankings, you will get the best investment opportunities quickly.

Fundamental analysis along with market trend analysis ensures the best results.

VectorVest Technical Analysis Software Pricing: Price is available on request at the official website.

#13 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

USP: Preferred by short terms traders to manage entry and exits

Profit Source Platform helps stock traders with over 40 indicators to track specific stocks and find out the best entry and exit points. This free technical analysis software India relies on mathematical indicators to analyse the trend, momentum and market resistance.

Features of Profit Source Platform

It helps with the accurate projection of time and price.

You will get different indicators to help you come up with a winning formula

  • Elliott Wave Trading Signals

You can figure out low risk entry points with high probability

As soon as you log in, your dashboard will start reflecting new trading opportunities in the market.

Profit Source Trading Analysis Software Price: The price is available on request at the official website of Profit Source.

The Best Buy Sell Signal Software for Indian Stock Market

Some of the best buy sell software online for stock trading in India, along with their features and pricing:

USP: An algorithmic trading software for conducting quantitative research

#14 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

AlgoTrader is an algorithmic trading software for quantitative hedge funds. This trading software provides for automated trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the best trading software India for automation of quantitative strategies related to trading in derivative, Forex and equity markets.

Best of all, any sort of strategy required for quantitative trading can be easily automated with the help of AlgoTrader.

Key features of AlgoTrader:

  • Broker and Market Data Adapters

There are available a range of data and broker adapters in the software. Additional adapters too can be added without any hassle.

  • Order Management and Execution

AlgoTrader offers flexible mechanisms for order management so that executing different kinds of order types and algorithms is super easy.

This trading software supports multiple markets and instruments to create and implement a range of trading strategies.

  • Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

AlgoTrader supports automated cryptocurrency trading. It has direct exchange adapters for Bitfinex, Bitstamp, etc. It also provides historical data adapters to CoinAPI and CoinMarketCap.

  • User interface and reports

There are multiple custom management and reporting features that you can adapt based on your trading activities.

Pricing: A yearly subscription of the license is available for the software.

USP: Suited for commodity, currency and stock market segments

#15 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

WinTrader is buy/sell signal software with an advanced algorithmic coding style in-built within its system. The software’s most important characteristic feature is real time buy sell signals alerts option. As a user, you can send emails every time a signal is received. Built-n further is a module for picking commodities, stocks in trend and currency pairs.

The advanced scanner provides re-entry suggestion, which is useful for identifying the most trending scrips and earn good profits in the process. You can also make use of this automated trading software’s double confirmation system for generating more accurate buy/sell signals.

Key features of WinTrader:

Through WinTrader trading software, you can buy/sell signals from MCX, Forex, NSE (Futures & Stocks) and Comex.

The trading indicators within the software provide technical analysis for all markets within one single platform.

  • Active buy/sell entry area detection

The auto trading software indicates whether the buy/sell signal so generated is good for trade or not.

  • Four level filtering system

The advanced filtering system feature provides accurate signal services.

Pricing of WinTrader Buy Sell Software: The automated trading software is available in three different packs. Full pack version is available for ₹20,000.

USP: Member of NSE, BSE, MCX and CDSL

#16 of 17 Best Stock Trading Software for Technical Analysis

Angel broking trading software is for handling trade activities. A single login and you can depend upon the software’s ability to manage investment accounts with simplicity and ease. Make use of interactive charts to better understand the market. You can also track the latest investment trends for carrying out further market research.  

The live news feature and calculator option is instrumental for analysing profit/loss situations. You can also enable the notification option in order to receive updates about all investments and payment reminders. Invest in IPOs, mutual funds, equities and commodities with the help of Angel Broking software.

Key features of Angel Broking:

With the help of Angel Broking software, it is possible to create multiple accounts based on trading strategies.

Online trading allows a trader an opportunity to manage portfolios without involvement of any third party.

You can monitor stocks by reading research reports generated by the auto trading software.

Angel Broking enables investors/traders to set personal trading limits as well as buy/sell orders.

Pricing: The price of Angel Broking Trade is available on request.

USP: Provides swing trading signals for equities, indices, etc.

Welcome E-trade platform is the leading buy sell signal software deployed primarily for managing MCX metals, equity, stock futures and indices. You can use the software for checking recent trades and checking buy-sell signals to ensure informed decision making. Get maximum results out of V auto trading software’s performance reports creation capabilities.

Key features of Trade V:

This stock trading software is used for managing currency, equities, indices and other types of stocks.

You get information related to new signals, target values and stop loss for better management of your latest trades.

The software is used for tracking stocks and sending signals as and when the status of a stock changes or a new trade stock makes an entry.

The message centre of Trade V software highlights any offer or announcement along with top trades.

  • Supports Multiple Platforms

Trade V can be accessed through desktop, mobile applications and a mobile app (for both Android & iOS).

Pricing: It’s available at the price of Rs 9000. To know more about the product, please connect with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the potential risks of day trading in India?
  • Manipulation on non liquid stock

Technical analysis won’t work on such stocks and you might end up losing money.

Intraday trading operates only for 5 hours and the position has to be locked within that time period.

Intraday trading runs the risk of capital erosion as the trade is carried out with finite capital.

  1. How to minimize day trading risks with the best trading software in India 2021?

Following are the steps through which you can minimize your day trading risks

  • Setting reward risk ratio

Don’t target an expanded profit order or reduced stop loss to achieve a better ratio. Skip any trade that doesn’t match your ratio

  • Avoid setting short term goals

Setting daily or weekly goals builds unnecessary pressure and the need to trade. Opt for long term goals such as semi-annual or annual goals instead.

Reduce position size on trades having lower win rate and increase it when the win rate is higher

  1. How to find the best technical analysis app for the Indian stock market?

The search for the best technical analysis app is based on your own goals and what you expect to get out of trading.

  • You should ask yourselves whether you want to be a professional trader or earn quick profits over a short period of time.
  • Other crucial factors include how quickly the app alerts you about changes in the market.
  • Finally, you should choose apps that let you perform automated trading and perform technical analysis of each of your investments.


Trading Software has in-built mechanisms for easing the trade and investment decisions of its users. The various interactive features and tools provided by stock trading software/share trading software are designed for making a trader’s, investor’s or any other end user’s business operations smooth and streamlined.

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