Best Stock Scanners Reviews in 2021: Pros & Cons

Scanners like Benzinga Pro are another tool the Bullish Bears team uses. Benzinga Pro is known for their news streaming service. We know that the stock market is a tug of war between buyers and sellers. As a result, news moves markets. Being able to trade the news is key!

Traders need to be up to date on the happenings of stocks and the market. Earnings, management, news, and quarterly reports can and will have an affect on stocks. Hence why we are big fans of Benzinga Pro.

In fact, Benzinga Pro offers quite a lot. Not only do you get a full news feed, you also get rumors, analyst ratings, economic calender’s and sentiment indicators. In fact, you also get volume and price movers, options alerts and trader floor commentary. You can see that’s quite a lot.

As traders, you know that you have to focus on a lot to make sure your trade is working to plan. You can’t be distracted and that means reading the news. Benzinga Pro has their Benzinga Pro Squawk.

This feature audibly reads out breaking news to you. As a result, you’re not missing anything that could potentially affect trades before they hit the stock scanners.  This is great if you’re looking for volatility. We know that day traders are hunters of volatility. Don’t forget, we are speaking to you throughtout the day on our streams, so you’re going to get us plus Benzinga with this tool. Winning!

Having good awareness of potential volatility moves before everyone else give you the edge, and a better entry. Their scanner is another great part of their service. They can either scan by sector or, if left blank, scan for all stocks. If you’re an intraday trader, you can set their scanner to look at intraday time frames and scan accordingly.

Read our Benzinga Pro Review to learn more about what they offer and receive your free trial.

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