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Basic features.

StockMarketMirror is advanced, innovative and easy to use software for advanced technical analysis of stock markets with stock market timing and charting of individual stocks and overall stock market, supporting profitable swing trading, portfolio picking and optimal management of trading risk for individual and institutional investors. It can be used for automatic generating of reliable trading signals and profitable portfolio picking for NASDAQ, NYSE and major stock markets of the world.

StockMarketMirror software is capable of:

  1. Automatic download of free EOD stock history from Yahoo! for major stock markets of America, Asia, Australia and Europe. User can create new dedicated stock lists (data sources) for monitoring various industry sectors. You can also use stock history, maintained in a local folder of your computer in CSV data format.
  2. Sophisticated stock market timing calculations using long-term swings scenario as well as short-term swings scenario. User can also define his own market timing scenario by selecting and saving user defined parameters of timing. Market timing analysis is summarized into detailed output report in the hypertext format and CSV files.
  3. Single click feature, enabling stock history update and market timing calculations with a single mouse click. You can also run stock history update and market timing calculations over night, using Task Scheduler.
  4. Precise timing of various ETFs via lists of their components, which is especially suitable to keep costs of trading as low as possible while having the benefit of reliable trading signals.
  5. Mild form of market timing, visualizing deviations of market trend from the straight line, which makes buying low and selling high principle easy to follow.
  6. Recommendations for portfolio candidates – they are available in the output report for user convenience.
  7. Sophisticated stock screening is also supported, which is a heuristic approach to selection of a profitable portfolio or pool of stock symbols for individual trading.
  8. Fundamental analysis is made easy by automatic downloading of basic fundamental information from Yahoo! or other Internet sources.
  9. Running on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 9x.

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Basic principles of market timing calculations.

As far as principles of market timing calculations are concerned, there are no deep mysteries about them. They can be briefly described as two step process. The first step is to calculate a curve of bullish market activity from the price curves of stock symbols available in the selected stock list. Mathematical algorithm based on regression analysis is used for that purpose. Resulting curve of bullish market activity is quite smooth with distinct tops and bottoms, which makes buy low sell high principle easy to follow even on the basis of visual inspection. The second step is to determine the entry and exit points on the curve of bullish market activity, which approximately obey buy low, sell high principle.

The dynamics of stock market changes has a wave character with the distinct short-term swings and long- term swings. Therefore two corresponding scenarios were prepared for market timing calculations to be selected from, on the basis of user preferences. Every scenario is determined with its own market timing parameters. User can also define its own market timing parameters and thus creating its own market timing scenario.  


The scenario for catching long-term swings.

Values RegressVectors=9, RegressPoints=350 are best suitable for catching long-term market swings at the current US stock market. Some patience is required, because the timing calculations are very time consuming, taking about half an hour to produce results on standard computer if the default setting is used.

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The scenario for catching short-term swings.

Values RegressVectors=12, RegressPoints=50 are best suitable for catching short-term market swings.
User is also allowed to define, test, save and load his or her favorite values of timing parameters. The most users will find it useful to concentrate on trading long-term market swings, because they give excellent profitability with small number of trades, low level of risk and can also be done as a leisure time activity. That is why all data sources delivered in the software installation package are predefined for catching long-term market swings. Trading of short-term market swings is more suitable to professional traders then amateurs.  

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