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Analyze stock trends with this application that comes with five built-in technical analysis predictors, complete with standard deviation graphics

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Stock Market Forecast Tools is a powerful resource designed to aid traders in discerning market and stock trends. The number-crunching calculations are presented in crisp and intuitive diagrams.

Five different evaluation methods to minimize the risk

Since trading stocks presents considerable risks, the program goes about diminishing this factor by employing five algorithms of trend analysis. These are all accompanied by informative graphical representations.

The technical analysis predictors employed are: a price prediction based on patterns, a Neural Networks prediction, a Technical Analysis prediction, a composite, weight adjusted method based on the previous three, and a batch composite prediction of all symbols.

Users should be careful when running tests, as some can really strain the CPU resources. Especially on “Composite” and “Batch” tests, the computer can respond very slowly to commands, so letting the processor handle the workload is highly recommended!

Waves and cycles for dynamic market trend analysis

The application can check historical stock information for both waves (extreme fluctuations in prices mainly due to psychological factors), and cycles (recurring market phenomena).

Based on these analysis, predictions are presented. Users should be warned, though, that as any prediction is vulnerable to errors, a certain degree of prudence should be adopted.

Another nice feature is that the utility can analyze certain time intervals, according the user-selected criteria.

For example, one could analyze stock evolution from Monday to Friday, according to “Open low” and “Close High” arguments. Monthly analysis are also available.

A good utility, but handle with care

To sum up, Stock Market Forecast Tools is a great informative application, based on complex algorithms, that can aid users in making stock decisions. Diagrams really complement the core functions and give the program a human feel. The usual stock market precautions still apply.

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