Fallout 76: Find All Keycard Clues In Trade Secrets

Fallout 76’s Trade Secrets mission will have you scrounging around a manky mansion to find clues and secrets, but this guide will save you time.

Fallout 76 can be complicated at the best of times, with all of the currencies, gear, ammo, and afflictions you have to constantly juggle. But when there’s a key hidden away behind multiple convoluted passwords, you can be forgiven for wanting to never play the game again. Throw away those frustrations: I know what you need. We’re going to break down exactly how you get the Hornwright Safe Room Access Card for the Trade Secrets quest in Fallout 76.

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What is the Hornwright Safe Room Access Card for in Fallout 76?

After completing The Motherlode and making your way inside the Hornwright Industrial HQ you’ll need to find whomever is inside the Safe Room, but the only way inside is barred by a grid of lasers that’ll quite literally kill you if you try to enter. The Access Card is specifically for taking down that grid.

You can print out a keycard, luckily, but it won’t be quite that easy. Penelope Hornwright’s computer is locked down with several passwords, and you’ll need to do some detective work to make your way through and print out the keycard you need.

Finding the Computer Keycode Clues in Fallout 76’s Trade Secrets Mission

The first keycode clue you should look for is the RSVP Card. You can find this on a counter in a lounge to the eastern side of the building. This is to invite people to Penelope Hornwright’s 29th birthday on March 4, 2077. This code is 030448, as that is Penelope’s date of birth.


The second keycode clue can be found on a wheelchair in one of the bedrooms. It’s an article called Charleston Herald – Tragedy Hits Hornwright. This article reveals that Evelyn Hornwright died on August 25, 2076. This code is 082576.

Finally, at the helipad, you can find a notice on the table called Hornwright Industrial Notice. It announces that Penelope Hornwright joined the company on May 1, 2073. This code is 050173.

Once you’ve found all of these clues and input them into the computer it should, eventually, click into place. Now you can find the Hornwright Safe Room Access Card being printed on a table near the computer. Grab the card and you can finally make your way through that dangerous laser grid.


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