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The main Fibonacci ratios are:




These are remarkably close to the main Planetary Motion Ratios of:

0.3877 and 0.3902


0.6151 and 0.6011

We are not claiming that Planetary Motion Ratios will make you megabucks in stock or commodity trading. But we do believe that Planetary Motion is one of the clues that can help us improve our ability to predict future stock and commodity prices.

Planetary Motion is a valuable FILTER for traders and investors.

If we are correct 55% of the time using Planetary Motion analysis as a FILTER, and if we are correct 55% of the time using technical analysis as an ADDITIONAL FILTER, then by combining the TWO FILTERS, we would be correct 60% of the time.


A Planetary Motion Ratio is the ratio of one planet’s PERIOD (time to revolve once around the Sun) and another planet’s period.  For example:

The period of Venus is 224.70 days.

The period of the Earth is 365.256 days.

The Venus/Earth Planetary Motion Ratio is = 224.7 divided by 365.256 which is:


Or just a mere 0.0029 from being exactly the same as the Fibonacci ratio of 0.618.

The Mercury/Venus Planetary Motion Ratio is = 87.969 divided by 224.7 which is:


Or just a mere 0.0082 from being exactly the same as the Fibonacci ratio of 0.382

The table below lists all of the sequential Planetary Motion Ratios.  (This website is a website of the Magi Society, the world’s largest association of astrologers and inventor of Magi Astrology.  Magi Astrology includes Ceres, which is now recognized by the IAU as a planet, and Chiron, which is the most important Financial Planet in Magi Astrology.)

Mercury 87.969 days (.2408 yr)  
Venus 224.70 days (.6151 yr) Mer/Ven = .3902
Earth 365.256 days Ven/Ear = .6151
Mars 2.135 years Ear/Mars = .4683
Ceres 4.599 years Mars/Ceres = .4642
Jupiter 11.86 years Ceres/Jup = .3877
Saturn 29.45 years Jup/Sat = .4027
Chiron 50.54 years Sat/Chi = .5827
Uranus 84.07 years Chi/Ura = .6011
Neptune 164.88 years Ura/Nep = .5090
Pluto 248.09 years Nep/Plu = .6645

You can see from the above table that almost every Planetary Motion Ratio is close to a key Fibonacci ratio.  Planetary Motion Ratios create the rhythm of the planets and we believe that planetary rhythms have a direct influence on rhythms of all of the financial markets worldwide.  

ALL OF THE ABOVE TEN PLANETARY RATIOS WORK JUST AS WELL AS ANY FIBONONACCI RATIO. In fact, the reason Fibonacci ratios work is because they are the same as Planetary Ratios.

Magi Astrology is the study of planetary rhythms. 

Fibonacci is all about stock and commodity price rhythms. 

We believe that Magi Astrology is the best tool for studying stock and commodity prices.

Magi Astrology is essentially new and is very different from ordinary Traditional Astrology.

Almost all of you who are reading this have at least dabbled into using financial astrology of the traditional kind. Almost all of you who have tried to use Traditional Financial Astrology have been disappointed by it. Your experience probably has been that sometimes, Traditional Financial Astrology seems to be uncanny and works perfectly BUT the trouble is it does not work enough of the time for you to make money over the long run. Therefore, many of you have also been disenchanted with all the popular and published techniques employed by well-known traditional financial astrologers.

Some of you who are visiting this site may have purchased financial astrology software based on traditional astrology hoping to improve your trading ability. But you found out that such software is as shaky as the theories they utilize and once again you were disappointed.

But nonetheless, something deep inside you still tells you to continue to investigate Financial Astrology because you believe there is something to it. Your gut tells you that you just need to keep looking and you will find some of the missing pieces of the astrological puzzle.

We think that you will be able to find some major pieces of the puzzle on this website and from Magi Astrology.

This is one of the websites of the Magi Society, the world’s largest organization of astrologers. (Please click here for information about the Magi Society.) The Magi Society does not purport to have all the answers – but we do believe we have made important discoveries in astrology and we are confident that we have more answers than anyone else does when it comes to Financial Astrology as well as the Astrology of Love. We are confident we have found some of the previously missing astrological clues that can help astrologers to understand the movement of stock markets, stock prices and commodities including currencies.

In our opinion, one of the big reasons Traditional Financial Astrology is a failure is that it is woefully incomplete. A complete theory of Financial Astrology needs to take into account all of the following:

  • Planetary Geometry including the declinations
  • Heliocentric Astrology including the latitudes
  • Chiron
  • The four major asteroids, especially Ceres
  • Planetary Synchronization
  • And Sedna, a planet discovered in 2003

    These six astrological parameters have not been used in mainstream Financial Astrology but we have found them to be vital pieces of the puzzle of Financial Astrology. In our opinion, it is not possible for any user of financial astrology to make a profit long-term without incorporating the above six pieces of the astrological puzzle.

    In order for us at the Magi Society to actually be able to utilize the above six crucial pieces of the astrological puzzle, the Magi Society has had to develop OUR OWN highly advanced Financial Astrology Computer Software. We have had to design and perfect our own software because there simply was not any software available from anywhere else that successfully and correctly incorporated all the new vital astrological data. We named our Financial Astrology Program AstroFibonacci™.

    We were able to successfully develop and perfect AstroFibonacci™ because we have had a decade of experience as a developer of computer software. Our society’s unique computer software program, MagiSoft™, has sold over 15,000 copies and is widely regarded by our 5000 members as the best astrology program available.

    The Magi Society has used AstroFibonacci™ for years but the program was available only to our Board Members and our Permanent Members. Because the AstroFibonacci™ program had been so helpful, the Board of Governors of the Magi Society authorized the society to develop a commercial version of AstroFibonacci™ that would be available to the general public.

    To help anyone who buys AstroFibonacci™ to gain the most benefit from the program, the AstroFibonacci™ program is packaged with unrivaled support including:

  • 1. Lessons on Financial Astrology.
  • 2. Access to databases filled with financial astrology data.
  • 3. Conference calls for our software users to learn and exchange ideas.

    The basic version of AstroFibonacci™ costs $655 and gives you the capability of utilizing all six types of astrological information listed earlier. AstroFibonacci™ allows you to do in depth research that you could not do before, and that you cannot do with any other software from anywhere else.

    Below is a sample screen shot of AstroFibonacci™.

    Click here to enlarge the image below

    The stock chart below is for the S&P 500 index starting from mid-2007 and ending December 18, 2009. The chart includes the October 2007 high, the March 2009 low and the rally from that low.

    In the chart, we have drawn Astro Fibonacci lines (Planetary Ratios) in red using the October 2007 high and the March 2009 low.

    The chart is drawn by AstroFibonacci’s Super Fibonacci upgrade and shows how perfectly Planetary Ratios worked on the S&P 500. Each red line represents a different Planetary Ratio. Note how often the S&P 500 touched those lines as it zigzagged upwards after the March 2009 low. This means Astro Fibonacci Really Works!

    Click here to enlarge the image below

    Click here if you would like to read about details of our AstroFibonacci™ program.

    If you would like more information about the Magi Society or our Financial Astrology software programs, please click here and send us an email.

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