As a Technical Strategist who worked for major name Wall Street firms and a multi-billion dollar investment fund during my eleven year Investment Banking career, I am EXTREMELY impressed with Market Analyst (Optuma). It is an outstanding Gann Technical Analysis program that leaves most of its competitors totally in the dust.

The huge variety of cutting-edge charting tools available (all major Gann techniques, but far more besides), the sheer flexibility of the user options for each study, and the attention to detail throughout are absolutely first class.

The visual appearance of the charts is both professional and beautiful: I am thinking in particular of the Gann wheels, but also the way in ALL technical tools are implemented, even on standard price charts. Plus, thanks to the templates and workbooks available, there is massive flexibility and personalization available to work with the program just the way you specifically want to.

With Market Analyst (Optuma), the Technical Analyst/Trader has an enormous powerhouse of research capabilities covering everything from standard technical analysis techniques to the most esoteric Gann methodologies available. I believe that even W.D Gann himself would have been impressed. Truly first class!

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