Get Stock Market

Get Stock Market

Buy low, sell high! Sure, but how do you really get ahead? Visit the shareholder’s meetings and see your holdings multiply. But watch out for the broker fees – they can set your portfolio back a pretty penny. Ride the market volatility to victory! Stock Market is a stock trading board game. Move around the board buying and selling stocks. Enter the shareholder’s meetings to get rich quickly. Avoid the fees and squares that send the market reeling. Game features include: – Colorful board with stock certificate theme – Play with the whole board in view or zoom in to see more detail – Supports 1 – 4 players – Player stats and achievements – Computer players with three levels of difficulty – Full tutorial – Customize game rules and stocks Enjoy!! STOCK MARKET FREE This is the free version of the app with ads. Check out Stock Market Pro for an ad free experience that offers more screen real estate for the board. Updates: v1.2 – Fix crash in animations v1.1 – Minor bug fixes

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