There are a lot of stocks out there. Do you think you can monitor/manage/trade all of those stocks? For professional trader, stock software is a must. With that, investors can monitor stocks in real time.

There are days when people scan newspapers to see how their favorite stocks were moving. When the Internet era comes, things changed.

Amateur traders need not chase down stock information anymore. All that’s needed to make informed trades can be available with a few clicks of a mouse through website or software.

There are many kinds of stock software: stock charting software, portfolio tracker, stock analysis, etc. Stock charting software helps people find buys and sells based on technical analysis indicators like price, volume, and moving average. 

  • People use investing software to help increase their accuracy. The tool will not make you money, it helps you from manual work.
  • It helps you screen your stocks. You can select several stocks from thousands of stocks using stock screener based on your criteria.
  • It helps you by providing valuable information for you to take action. For value investor, stocks fundamental is very important. They want to know how’s the stocks are performing. High profit, low debt, and undervalue are what they are looking for.
  • U can see price history and its movement. According to technical analysis, stocks movement has a pattern, thus we can try to predict future price using previous data.
  • To know about your portfolio return, you can use portfolio tracker. Here you can see which stocks from your portfolio are performing well, and which are not.
  • Stock signal software watches Your Favorite Stocks. It will issues Precision Buy and Sell Signals based on their algorithm.
  • Stock Back-testing Tools will examine your favorite strategy back in 2 or 3 years. It will issues examine your methodology of trading in a long enough period of time, so statistics is in your favor.

In the past few years, many of these stock software vendors are trying to provide all these tools in one platform. The boundary of software has been blurred. Many online discount brokage houses also provide these tools to all their account holders fro free. We also include a new section of brokers review.


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