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      Since 1987, we have been developing Marketvisionplus to help stock market investors make better decisions, both easily and efficiently. With Marketvisionplus, stock screening, index tracking, strategy elaboration, decision making, and monitoring of positions reach new dimensions.

      Many of the software packages available today are so challenging to grasp that it takes months to get up and running. Marketvisionplus, however, is known for its intuitive interface, easy to use features, and exceptional performance. Power is not necessarily synonymous with complexity. Everything is integrated and ready to go. Marketvisionplus is fed by the Decision-Plus historical quotes database, delayed and real time intra-day quotes systems, as well as our news database. We take care of everything, so you won’t have to deal with several suppliers. We also offer free person to person technical assistance every week day.

Why software rather than the Web?

      Imagine that your computer runs on a web application instead of an operating system like Windows or Apple OS, and that everything goes through an electronic link. With Marketvisionplus, all the basic information and features are installed on your computer to make use of its power and speed. Marketvisionplus only uses the internet connection to get the current day’s information from the Decision-Plus servers. This is the secret of it’s effectiveness.

      We all know that quotes, charts, and news are available free of charge on the web, and the web site you are currently visiting,, contains them as well. But it is not possible, by consulting websites, to do what Marketvisionplus is able to do. And if you succeed on the web, the information will never be provided without a mountain of work and a lot of your precious time.

      Marketvisionplus allows you to reach your goals faster and easier because the time spent navigating the net is time you could use analyzing, deciding, and trading.

Who is Marketvisionplus for?

      Whether you’re an experienced active trader or just learning how to trade on the markets, Marketvisionplus is designed for you. It is also geared towards active investors who want to invest profitably by reducing the time allocated to research and analysis. Marketvisionplus increases the effectiveness of your decision-making and facilitates the monitoring of your positions. Marketvisionplus automates and centralizes all the necessary data, giving you the power to make decisions fast!

      With today’s markets the short-term generates more profit, more than what a passive investor obtains in the long-term. Our software is geared toward those who want to profit from stock market cycles or the short term trends often taking place over a few weeks to a few months. At Decision-Plus we think that every stock market investor should trade the cycle first and the trend second. Traders are profiting in the short term. Investors are investing in the years to come.

      We hope Marketvisionplus will become your daily companion, as is the case for thousands of other stock market investors who take the performance of their assets very seriously, and have taken the necessary steps to save time and increase their profits.

Discover Marketvisionplus

      You will find below a summary of the benefits and features of the software. Each of these points will lead you to a written description and an illustrative video. You’ll quickly discover the benefits of the software and the simplicity of its operation. You will see that to use Marketvisionplus, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, unlike our competitors’ software. It is simple, fast, efficient and above all, ready to fire.

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