Nchsoftware is rated “Great” with 4

I Highly recommend NCH Software. I have used Audacity, Sound Studio, Cool Edit up to Adobe Audition 3. And all the different suites and especially WavePad, SoundTap, and MultiPad are way beyond my expectations, hands down…!! The software also does not require the new monthly or yearly licensing which has now become common with the BIG box brands… just a waste of your money. If you are not familiar with the program, please take time to learn from the tutorials…. nuff said. If you are familiar with using Microsoft Word editing skills these programs are super intuitive. Like typing a sentence; is the way you can easily move around in the program. Thanks to Irish who has recently assisted me with no questions or judgements… AWESOME. I don’t know why there are negative comments, I did not have that Experience!!

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