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Thrills. Chills. Someday, stacks of bills. That’s what the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps makes us think whenever we run the numbers. Run them we have.

Since last we checked on investment apps, most of these same players were on the board. What you will notice is that almost every single app has gained or lost chart position. Evidently, lots of people were making Q4 2020 tweaks to their in-app investing strategies (and brands).

There’s also one notable exception, as usual. It’s quite an interesting change to the lineup.

The Top 5

Getting right to it, the Robinhood app holds at No. 1 as its IPO approaches, with Chime Mobile Banking at No. 2, just where it was in the last Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps.

That’s about all for “just where it was” last time. Lots of movement to discuss here.

Gaining two spots to occupy No. 3 in the latest ranking is Acorns Invest Spare Change which raised another $105 million in January, as the popular Stash app drops a rung to alight at No. 4.

Entering the Top 5 personal finance apps at No. 5 is challenger bank Current.

The Top 10

Surveying the lower-half of the Top 10 we find Albert Save And Spend Smarter dropping two spots to grab No. 6 in this Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps, followed by the zesty Mint Personal Finance & Money app climbing one to snag No. 7, and the mighty Fidelity Investments app falling one to No. 8. Claiming No. 9 for itself by jumping up a spot is the myWisely Financial Wellness app, which almost completes this ranking. Almost.

Entering PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps Top 10 at No. 10 for the first time is the EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App backed by celebrated money manager Dave Ramsey.



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