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GameStop shares JUMP 20% in a day but remain far below their peak after punishing week

Shares of GameStop rose again on Friday, following a punishing week of selloffs that took the stock well off the highs it reached in a small-investor frenzy last …

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Reddit Documents a Surge of New Users to Site and WallStreetBets

Millions of new users have flocked to Reddit Inc. forums amid feverish trading activity spurred by discussion on the subreddit WallStreetBets, the company said …

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GameStop’s ‘degenerates’ – are they just getting started?, Opinion News & Top Stories

The American financial system has just been disrupted by a mass movement of “autists”, “degenerates” and “retards”, to use their own most frequent …

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Reddit traders may not have been the only ones boosting GameStop

Reddit’s army of retail traders might not have been only force behind the unprecedented GameStop rally that turned Wall Street upside down, new data…

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