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‘Waste of time’: Nancy Pelosi storms out

The top Democrat in US Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, cut her media conference short today after snapping at a reporter.

Cops swarm Manson home amid screams inside

Officers were called to Marilyn Manson’s home after reports of a “disturbing incident” following recent abuse allegations against the rocker.

Sephora ‘cancels’ pro-Trump influencer

Sephora is facing backlash from conservatives after it ended its relationship with pro-Trump beauty blogger Amanda Ensing.

What ScoMo and Biden spoke about

Scott Morrison says Joe Biden is keen to visit Australia after holding a ‘warm’ first conversation with the new US President.

Rioter’s organic food demand granted

A judge has given into the ridiculous demands of a Trump supporter who was pictured storming the US Capitol in a horned bearskin headdress.

Biden’s subtle swipe at Ivanka

US President Joe Biden has made a subtle dig at his predecessor’s daughter, Ivanka, and her role in her father’s administration.

Capitol rioter’s ridiculous request to judge

A woman who was charged over the deadly Capitol riot has asked the judge whether she can still go on a holiday she had planned before storming the building.

Woman who could destroy US Party

Pro-Trump congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene could tear apart the Republican Party – and unleash chaos across America in the process.

Mother dies saving daughter from hit men

When hit men employed by her brother came looking for her daughter, one mother gave up her own life to save her child in this tragic family affair.

Inside world’s most expensive divorce

It has been a tumultuous few years for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who went through a very public divorce after salacious texts were published.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos quits

After founding the company 27 years ago and turning it into a trillion-dollar empire, Jeff Bezos has announced he’s quitting Amazon.

Unexpected insult after viral picture

A San Francisco teacher has been called the “humour police” after saying Bernie Sanders displayed male privilege by wearing mittens.

Court rules on Justine’s killer’s appeal

A decision has been reached on an appeal by a US police officer to throw out his murder conviction for killing Australian Justine Damond in 2017.

Police pepper spray nine-year-old girl

Police in the US are under fire after body cam footage was released showing them handcuffing and pepper spraying a young girl.

Fears mutant virus ‘hurricane’ will hit US

A top epidemiologist has warned a surge of COVID-19 cases could rise in the US as early as next month, as new variants spread across the globe.

‘Trump cult’: Republicans abandon party

Dozens of former Bush officials have reportedly abandoned the Republican party in the US, saying it has become the “Trump cult”.

Wild theory about ‘dead’ COVID nurse

A fake theory that includes use of a body double is circulating after a video showed a nurse faint after being given the COVID-19 vaccine.

Star claims ex Marilyn Manson abused her

Actress Evan Rachel Wood has named her alleged abuser as Marilyn Manson in an Instagram post, after previously speaking of an unnamed attacker.

Iconic highway crumbles into ocean

One of the world’s most famous coastal roads has crumbled into the ocean after a massive rain event, closing it for weeks.

Lead suspect in epic plane mystery dies

The prime suspect in the infamous unsolved hijacking of a flight carried out by the mysterious “DB Cooper”, has died, taking his secrets to the grave.

Peeping Tom falls through gym ceiling

A gym changing room pervert was busted when he fell through a ceiling while allegedly spying on women. They held him until the police arrived.

Trump reveals controversial new lawyers

Donald Trump has revealed the new lawyers who will represent him at his Senate impeachment trial, after his entire legal team quit.

Big blow as Trump’s legal team bail

Former US President Donald Trump has been dealt yet another major blow, as key members of his defence team reportedly desert him.

Mum murdered and burned five children

Oreanna Myers, a mother who shot and burned five children, was “obsessed” with witchcraft and “performed rituals”, it’s been revealed.

Trump’s huge boast as he plots comeback

In his first official photo opportunity since the US Capitol riots, Donald Trump made a huge boast about his popularity despite his election loss.

The COVID maps Trump wouldn’t release

Maps showing the full extent of the pandemic in the United States that were reportedly “hidden” by the Trump administration have been released.

Beyonce’s ‘rapper cousin’ shot dead

Friends and fans are paying tribute to a budding rapper – who is said to be the cousin of Beyonce – after he was murdered in Texas.

GameStop surges 103 per cent

The mind-boggling GameStop saga has taken another turn, as its stock price soars to incredible highs as restrictions are set to lift.

‘All muscle’: Trump army’s new warriors

A new generation of Republicans are carrying the torch for Donald Trump – including one who the former President boasted about seeing “without a shirt”.

Politician’s wild bushfire theory revealed

A Facebook post from a Republican Congresswoman suggesting a laser beam was behind California’s deadliest bushfire has been uncovered.

Final seconds before dancing teen is shot dead

This chilling TikTok video shows a teenage girl being startled by someone entering her hotel room seconds before she is shot and killed.

‘Complete crap’: Top virus expert lets fly

In a wide-ranging interview, America’s top medical adviser has called Donald Trump a “macho man” and said why he stood up to him.

Trump’s luxury hotels are ghost towns

Donald Trump’s time in the White House could hurt his business significantly, with new vision emerging of an eerily empty Trump hotel.

Fans melt down as mum influencer outed

Fans of a popular Instagram parenting influencer are distraught after internet users made a discovery about where she’s spending her money.

Viral Bernie Sanders meme goes X-rated

A viral meme of Bernie Sanders bundled up against the cold at US President Joe Biden’s inauguration has now been turned into an adults-only film.

Melania’s post-White House plans revealed

With speculation she is “counting down” the minutes to divorce Donald Trump, new details have emerged about Melania’s post White House plans.

Politician harassed school shooting victim

A US congresswoman and QAnon conspiracy theorist has been shown in disturbing video harassing a survivor of the Parkland school shooting.

Woman murdered while delivering Uber Eats

A mother of three in Texas was murdered while dropping off an Uber Eats delivery on Saturday night, authorities have revealed.

Target pulls item made with monkey labour

Target in the US has pulled a Thai coconut milk from their shelves after an investigation alleged it was made with forced monkey labour.

‘Cold war’: Trump’s shock final legacy

His presidency was marked by chaos and division. But it seems Donald Trump has left behind an even deeper trail of destruction.

Pharmacist intentionally ruined vaccine

A pharmacist is looking at a lengthy jail sentence after he intentionally removed dozens of coronavirus vaccines from a fridge.

Kellyanne posts daughter’s nude photo

Police have visited Kellyanne Conway after the former Trump adviser allegedly posted a topless photo of her 16-year-old daughter on Twitter.

Trump impeachment ‘dead on arrival’

It looks likely that Donald Trump will escape an impeachment conviction, despite the best efforts of those determined to hold him to account.

Disney to redesign ‘horrifyingly racist’ ride

A ride that’s been a beloved part of Disneyland since the 1950s will be given a radical makeover following accusations of racism.

Questions over $22m Weinstein payout

Harvey Weinstein agreed to the payout accusers at the end of an “ugly story” of sexual misconduct — but some are unhappy with the conditions.

Fury over casino mogul’s COVID jab stunt

A millionaire casino boss and his actress wife have sparked backlash after allegedly posing as motel workers to skip a COVID vaccine queue.

Cunning plan to net Trump $2.5b a year

A wild new theory swirling through Wall St could see the ousted US President making billions every single year despite his dire money woes.

Firey knocked out by falling aircon

A sickening video has revealed the horrifying moment a New York firefighter was knocked unconscious by an airconditioning unit.

Why Biden’s watch has sparked uproar

In yet another sign America’s deep divisions won’t be easily healed, fury has erupted over the type of watch worn by new President Joe Biden.

Son’s horrifying ‘mass murder’ of family

A family of six has been gunned down in a brutal massacre, with an unborn baby among the dead. Police have arrested a teenage boy.

Biden ditches Donald Trump’s ban

US President Joe Biden has started his week by scrapping a controversial ban imposed by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Trump’s ‘pathetic’ last White House hours

Donald Trump spent his final moments in the White House as US president “sad and pathetic”, reports have revealed.

Trump’s new party to destroy Republicans

Donald Trump’s new Patriot Party plans to destroy his enemies among the Republican party with a $70 million war chest. This is how.

Trump’s niece wants to change name

Donald Trump’s niece said she’s “prepared” to change her surname and sever ties with her family over fears of negative associations.

Baby abandoned on side of road

An Amazon delivery driver was doing his round when he spotted a baby on the side of the road, swinging into action to save the youngster.

Teen tortured during horrific Grindr date

A gay teen is calling for hate crime charges to be laid after he was strangled and gruesomely attacked during a Grindr date.

Trump ally’s trainwreck TV interview

A TV host has been praised for her “outstanding” work grilling a young Republican on his election fraud claims, resulting in an embarrassing admission.

Melania ‘counting down’ to divorce Donald

After their White House exit, Melania Trump is “counting down the minutes” until she can divorce the former president, his niece claims.

33 children saved in major investigation

A major investigation in the US has seen 33 missing children rescued after an alarming spike in human trafficking crimes in recent years.

Ivanka wants ‘clean break’ from Trump

As she settles into life as a private citizen and considers a possible run for office, Ivanka Trump is seeking to distance herself from her father’s reign.

‘Nation’s leader’: Trump’s plan revealed

One of Donald Trump‘s key advisers has revealed the former President’s plans for the future – and it’s probably not what most were expecting.

‘28 women’: New Trump claims aired

A new book goes into detail about parties with “beautiful women” that were at the heart of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein’s “bromance”.

Moment prankster duped Trump

In the wake of Trump’s ousting from the White House, Piers Morgan has revealed the former POTUS fell victim to a hoax caller.

Paper cops backlash over Kamala story

The Washington Post has come under fire for removing an unflattering Kamala Harris anecdote from an article, only to reinstate it.

Number that Trump will hate

As he resumes life as a private citizen, Donald Trump has suffered another upset at the hands of his successor, US President Joe Biden.

Stunning virus admission sparks backlash

Joe Biden has made a stunning comment about COVID-19, with many saying the admission stands in stark contrast to his pre-election pledge.

Troubling sign in Joe Biden’s first days

Joe Biden won plenty of praise for a specific line in his speech at the inauguration. Already, the new US President has failed to live up to it.

Mum killed five children in ‘evil crime’

Officials have confirmed that five children found dead after a house fire late last month were actually shot dead by their mother.

Capitol rioters could get off without charge

live US authorities are reportedly debating whether people who stormed the Capitol building should avoid charges amid concerns courts will be swamped.

Melania’s incredible FLOTUS trick

She’s been one of the most famous women on the planet for four years. But Melania Trump has somehow managed to pull off an amazing feat.

Iranian leader’s chilling threat to Trump

Iran’s supreme leader has promised to take “revenge” on Donald Trump, posting a chilling picture of what they want to do to the former president.

Pardoned rapper faces serious rape charge

His name was on Donald Trump’s final clemency list but prosecutors are reportedly planning to “aggressively” go after rapper Kodak Black.

Hilarious fake Trump letters go viral

Social media users have been sent into a spin speculating about a “private” letter former president Donald Trump left for his successor.

Biden rips out Trump’s red button

A special red button Donald Trump had installed in the Oval Office, which he would press multiple times a day, has been quietly removed.

‘We’re ready’: Ominous warning for Trump

Donald Trump may be out of the White House but his presence still lingers on as the Democrats prepare to banish his legacy forever.

‘Revenge’: Unrest rocks America

Hours after Joe Biden’s inauguration, protests kicked off around the nation — with some demonstrators calling for revenge.

Internet ablaze over Biden picture

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration in the United States, social media has been inundated with images of a strapping young Commander in Chief.

One thing that could still destroy Trump

The title of president has been stripped away and Donald Trump is about to face the biggest legal battles of his life. There’s one thing that could finish him off.

Trump in serious financial trouble

Donald Trump has stepped from the grounds of the White House into a “minefield” worsened by his baseless claims of election fraud.

Uncanny Simpsons inauguration prediction

The Simpsons fans once again believe the show has predicted the future, after noticing an eerie detail in the new vice president’s outfit.

Trump’s ‘generous’ note to Joe Biden

Donald Trump has reportedly left a note to Joe Biden before leaving the White House for Florida and addressing his supporters.

Proud Boys call Trump a ‘total failure’

The far-right group who previously aligned themselves with the former US President have turned their backs on Donald Trump, calling him a “shill”.

Biden conspiracy that never came true

Today was supposed to be the biggest day for a cult conspiracy about Joe Biden. It fell flat and messageboards are full of sad “believers”.

‘I’ll fire you on the spot’: Biden’s warning

Joe Biden issued a stark warning while swearing in his Cabinet, vowing to fire members “on the spot” if they ever disrespect a colleague.

Unexpected response to Trump exit

Troops patrolling the streets. Barricades blocking off the city. And yet, US correspondent Sam Clench found the D.C. mood oddly comforting.

Outcast Trump family’s desperate moves

They thought they had four more years in the White House in the bag – but what’s next for Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric now their father has been booted?

Stunned reaction to 22yo who stole show

People watching the inauguration were expecting to be inspired by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Few knew about Amanda Gorman.

Shocking photos show two-week shift

Two weeks ago, this site was marred by violent riots. Today, it stood as a symbol of healing and hope. This is the inauguration in pictures.

The $2 trillion call Biden will make today

Joe Biden declares that he’s getting straight to work and he meant it. One of his first acts today is reversing a Trump era order at a huge expense.

Sad picture shows Trump fan’s heartbreak

A Trump fan who made a special journey to fight against the inauguration of the new president was devastated by what he saw when he arrived.

Debate rages over ‘sleepy’ Bill Clinton

Was the inauguration a little too subdued for former President Bill Clinton? Those on social media think these images prove so.

Fringe groups clash in tense scenes

While Joe Biden’s big day went smoothly and with no signs of violence, there were a few tense confrontations between weird groups on the streets.

China unleashes payback on America

As the Trump era ends, Beijing has slapped serious sanctions on Mike Pompeo and a string of other figures, in an unprecedented act.

Bizarre moment that stole Joe’s show

A man who was dressed as if he was headed out to buy a pie from the servo has somehow managed to steal the limelight from Joe Biden.

Biden’s plea to US: ‘End this uncivil war’

An impassioned speech by President Joe Biden included messages of hope, a plea for unity and a declaration that the Trump era of chaos is over.

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