Predicted High and Low

Traders trade trends, and no trading software is better at predicting short-term trends than VantagePoint’s price prediction software. With its proprietary leading indicators and technical tools, VantagePoint, leads the industry in trend forecasting. One important and easy-to-use tool is the Predicted High and Predicted Low Price. This next day high/low indicator can help you find and confirm potential trades before the trend changes, and it can give you a clearer view of where to enter and where to exit a trade, which gives you the all-important edge you need to be successful.

The normal highs and lows of a market provide abundant information about trading that market, not the least of which are potential price-action, the potential trading range, and a basis for entering and exiting a position. The Predicted High and Predicted Low forecasts found in VantagePoint provide an additional benefit not found in software that relies on lagging indicators.

As a leading indicator, the Predicted High and Predicted Low forecast the next day’s high and low, which forms a predicted trading range for the next day. Knowing the predicted trading range, day traders can position themselves within these targets, or position traders can use breakouts of the predicted range to take positions or to place their stops. In either case, having an idea of where the highs and lows will be can give you an opportunity not found in other software packages. To a reasonable degree, guessing is removed from your strategic calculations, replaced with a predicted trading range.

When using the Predicted High and Predicted Low Price tool, keep in mind the values of the next day’s predicted highs and lows on the charts are displaced one trading day into the future, so the predicted highs and lows are charted on the day for which the values are expected to occur, much like a chart showing a displaced moving average. On the Daily Report, however, these values are shown on the day the predictions were made, and they are named Predicted Next Day High and Predicted Next Day Low to indicate that they are predicted to occur on the next trading day.

Traditional high and low prices lag behind the market flow, whereas the proprietary Predicted High and Predicted Low Price in VantagePoint is a leading indicator, which means its value lays in forecasting 1-day in advance the range in which a market will trade. Having this one-day “jump” on the expected trading range gives you a better chance of selecting the best entry and exit for any trade. As well, the expected high and low price gives you a “heads up” on determining potential price-action of a market. As any trader knows, to be successful trading markets, one has to have an edge, and the Predicted High and Predicted Low price in VantagePoint is one of many proprietary tools in VantagePoint that will give you that edge.

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