Research Guides: Legal Treatises by Subject: Introduction & Index

Quick start: use the Guide Index to the left to find treatises on your topic.

Use treatises–books on legal topics–to begin your research. They will help you save time by providing explanation, analysis, context, and tips on the most relevant primary sources. 

Treatises range from single volume overviews for students to extensively detailed multi-volume sets for practitioners. They may come in the form of bound books updated with pocket parts or supplements, or in the form of loose-leafs with easily replaced pages. 

If you need help finding a relevant treatise, this guide will provide you with some of the most useful titles in each subject. We have noted if and where the treatise is available on online. Please keep in mind that this availability may change without notice.

Note: this guide now contains blurbs about and contents of the books where available. This text is taken from info provided by the publishers and does not imply any special endorsement. 

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