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Couple broke lockdown for threesome

A British couple are in hot water after deciding to spice up their sex life while on a Caribbean island vacay, breaching the island’s strict COVID rules in the process.

Three kids burn alive after mum’s bender

Three children including an eight month old baby were burned alive in a house fire after their mum padlocked them in so she could go out drinking.

Teen gang raped at own birthday party

A teenage girl was left ‘covered in blood’ and needing surgery after she was allegedly drugged and gang raped by 10 men at her own birthday party.

Girl ‘raped, murdered’ by stepdad

A five-year-old girl, tragically found dead in a cardboard box by her family, was allegedly raped then strangled by her stepfather.

Prince Andrew pal arrested on sex charges

A wealthy fashion designer and close friend of Prince Andrew who hosted parties for young girls in his mansion is facing sex charges against girls as young as 14.

12yo rape victim gives birth to twins

A 12-year-old rape victim in Argentina has given birth to twins, after she was denied the right to have a legal abortion.

Mum arrested over daughter’s brutal punishment

A mother in South America has been arrested for brutally punishing her six-year-old daughter, after tying the girl’s hands together and setting them alight.

Bandits leave city streets strewn with cash

A heavily armed gang of “bandits” stormed a Brazilian city last night, shooting civilians and taking hostages before robbing a bank.

Couple and baby killed in cliff collapse

A mum tried desperately to shield her baby as she and her partner were buried alive when a cliff collapsed at a popular beach.

Leader’s disgusting homophobic outburst

Divisive right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has drawn criticism after a homophobic comment in his latest COVID-19 outburst.

17yo shot dead while holding her son

The ex-boyfriend of a 17-year-old single mother allegedly shot her in the head while she was holding her son. He is now on the run.

All the celebs who support Donald Trump

The general sentiment in Hollywood is mostly anti-Trump, but the US President still has a decent list of famous supporters in his corner.

11yo dies giving birth to rapist’s baby

An 11-year-old died giving birth to a baby that was fathered by a man in his 40s who is accused of sexually assaulting her since she was nine.

Loyal dog follows sick owner to hospital

This pooch’s incredible actions give a whole new meaning to “as loyal as a dog” after she jumped on the back of an ambulance.

Politician caught clenching cash in butt

A Brazilian politician has been caught with cash clenched between his butt cheeks during a police raid over alleged misappropriated public funds.

Truth behind missing woman found at sea

The woman found floating at sea has a history of mental health issues that may have contributed to the saga that left her stranded off shore.

Wife wakes from coma to ultimate betrayal

The woman spent 78 days in a “life and death” coma – only to wake to discover something shocking going on between her husband and mum.

Missing woman found floating at sea

A 46-year-old woman who had been missing from her family for two years has been found floating alive in the sea by baffled fishermen.

Politician’s X-rated move caught on Zoom

A politician says he’s “very ashamed” after being caught engaging in a sexual act on a Zoom call broadcast to his country’s congress.

Baby dies from mum’s poisoned breast milk

A man has been arrested after he allegedly told police he poisoned his wife and, in doing so, killed his own baby who drank her breast milk.

Man killed by arrow from Amazon tribe

A man has been hit in the chest and killed by an arrow after his group approached an Indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest.

Expert on remote tribes killed by arrow

A man dedicated to protecting isolated tribes in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has died after being shot in the chest with an arrow by “a war party”.

Severed head delivered in mayonnaise box

A family was horrified when they received their grandfather’s head in the mail after he went missing from his home last year.

Drug cartel’s disturbing new weapon

A Mexican drug cartel has begun using weaponised drones packed with explosives in an effort to take out their rivals, according to reports.

COVID nurse couldn’t save husband

A nurse has been risking her life to save hundreds of people since the pandemic began. But, tragically, she wasn’t able to save her own husband.

Five of star’s 55 kids accused over death

A singer-turned-politician is accused of masterminding the brutal murder of her husband – once her adopted son – with the help of five of their 55 kids.

Brazil records 68,000 cases in one day

Brazil has broken a new record for daily new cases of coronavirus with number surging to almost 68,000 and almost 1300 deaths.

Fight to keep enormous pet rodent

A neighbourhood loves this giant pet rodent so much they formed a human shield around his cage when police arrived to seize it.

Brazilian president positive for virus

Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, who infamously described coronavirus as a “little flu”, says he has now tested positive for COVID-19.

Brazilian president positive for virus

Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, who infamously described coronavirus as a “little flu”, says he has now tested positive for COVID-19.

Reporter mugged at knifepoint on air

A CNN reporter in Brazil has been attacked by an apparent homeless man in a terrifying moment while she was reporting live on TV.

Newborn twins mauled to death by dog

Twin girls have been mauled to death by a pet labrador that became unexpectedly aggressive and “jealous” after they were born.

‘Unheard of’: Baffling virus case

Medical experts are baffled at how newborn triplets tested positive for coronavirus just hours after birth, despite their parents testing negative.

Nation records 54,000 cases in one day

This South American country has become the second country to surpass a million cases, with experts fearing the worst is still to come.

Court slaps down country’s virus cover-up

It’s quickly become one of the countries worst hit by coronavirus – and now its leader is trying to cover up how bad things are.

Nation hides virus data as death toll spikes

This country is suffering through a major health crisis, with a leader who’s just taken steps to hide its death toll from the rest of the world.

‘New epicentre’ for COVID-19 revealed

The World Health Organisation has warned of a “new epicentre” for the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing the virus is not slowing down.

Cocaine Cassie’s post-jail transformation

Australian drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has revealed the secret to her new physique in a candid Instagram Live shared with fans.

Coronavirus infections rise sharply

The coronavirus outbreak in Brazil is accelerating, with the country now reporting the second highest number of global cases.

Mayor plays dead to avoid arrest

A mayor in Peru pretended to have died from coronavirus, hiding in a coffin to avoid arrest after breaking lockdown to drink with friends.

Huge death rates lead to virus fears

Concerns are growing over coronavirus in Latin America as death tolls reach record highs – while leaders begin to ease restrictions.

Arrested mercenary paraded on live TV

After a second American rebel – accused of conspiring to overthrow Venezuela’s President – was arrested, the mercenary was interrogated on TV.

Brazilian tribes seen wearing face masks

Photos of isolated Brazilian tribespeople in surgical masks has caused international alarm as coronavirus numbers in the country lead to shutdowns.

Mercenary: ‘Trump ordered failed coup’

An American mercenary caught in a failed coup said President Donald Trump ordered him to escort the world leader back to the US.

Why this Aussie won’t return home

Thousands of Australians have returned home since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world. But these Aussies have stayed put.

Shock pictures reveal jailhouse lockdown

While the world tries to stay apart, pictures show prisoners in El Salvador shoved together in lockdown after 22 murders took place.

Cocaine Cassie planning baby with lover

Recently freed drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury is considering IVF to start a family with her new fiance who she met while in a Colombian prison.

Fears for next virus hot spot

First it was China, then Italy, and now the United States. But there are fears a country of more than 200 million could be the next coronavirus epicentre.

Disaster in the heart of the Amazon

The coronavirus outbreak in Brazil is worsening, with one city’s healthcare system on the verge of collapse. WARNING: Graphic.

Cocaine Cassie did it: ‘I needed money’

Australian drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has admitted she smuggled cocaine because ‘I needed the money’.

Bodies left on the street for days

Families are having to keep dead bodies inside their homes as a city in Ecuador struggles to contain the virus. WARNING: GRAPHIC

City’s desperate move to stop arriving plane

Airport officials have physically blocked a runway to stop an international flight from landing as coronavirus paranoia takes over.

Aussies stuck, can’t afford plane ticket

Aussies in Peru are set to be stranded because they can’t afford the $10,000 plane ticket.

NZ isolation rule starts midnight tonight

Jacinda Ardern’s tough border restrictions start midnight tonight. New Zealand holiday goers are rushing to catch flights home before then.

Ivanka’s response to Aussie virus scare

The White House has responded to worried claims surrounding Ivanka Trump after meeting with Peter Dutton days before he tested positive.

Man arrested over Sydney woman’s murder

Police want to extradite a 20-year-old man arrested on a Caribbean island over the alleged murder of a sex worker found dead in her Sydney home.

Hidden danger in holiday photo

People say they’ve been given “anxiety” after seeing footage of a woman posing for a photo in a popular tourist spot in Rio de Janeiro.

New mystery virus baffles scientists

A new, mystery virus — with genes never seen before in any life form — has been uncovered in Brazil, scientists say.

Brazil’s mortifying Instagram mistake

When a scared tourist in Rio posted about being robbed on holiday, the response from Brazil’s official tourism agency was a little strange.

Politician caught after daring jailbreak

A fugitive who escaped from authorities during a dental appointment has been found in Venezuela after several months on the run.

Dozens of inmates escape through tunnel

The prison warden and dozens of guards have been fired after close to 80 “dangerous” gangland inmates escaped a South American jail.

Macca’s closes nation’s stores after deaths

The giant fast food chain has closed all its stores in the country after the shocking tragedy and amid queries over workplace safety.

Thief’s prison proposal to Cocaine Cassie

Aussie drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury is madly in love with her new fiancee after the pair became engaged in jail after months of dating.

Horrific images of ex-Amazon exec’s wife

Horrific photos reveal the wife of a former Amazon executive was savagely beaten with a baseball bat before her brutal murder. WARNING: Graphic

Shock as hatchlings pulled from plastic shoe

The true horror of plastic pollution has been exposed in this video, with turtle hatchlings struggling to even make it from the sand.

The continent descending into chaos

Over the past month, mass protests and violence have seen this whole continent descending into chaos. Experts say it’s only set to get worse.

Drug lord’s kinky prison stash revealed

Two agents who were instrumental in tracking down drug lord Pablo Escobar have revealed details of his personal likes and obsessions.

Famous journo’s on-air slapping fight

Glenn Greenwald — who won numerous awards for his coverage on Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing — had a dust-up with a fellow journalist.

Mayor’s hair cut off by protesters

Mayor Patricia Arce was attacked by a mob who forcibly cut her hair, covered her in paint and marched her barefoot through the streets.

Horrifying photos of female cops on fire

Dramatic photos have emerged revealing the terrifying moment officers were hit by petrol bombs during violent anti-government protests.

Warrior guarding Amazon shot dead

Illegal loggers in the Amazon ambushed an indigenous group that was formed to protect the forest and shot dead a young warrior and wounded another.

Teen’s unthinkable violation of sister

A teen has been arrested over the murder of her pregnant sister and reportedly admitted to cutting out her unborn baby. Warning: Graphic

Hunter gored to death by deer he shot

A hunter in Arkansas has been killed by the same deer he had shot just moments earlier. The buck attacked him, goring him to death.

Dad ‘blows’ sick son’s cash on brothels

A seriously ill boy died after his dad allegedly spent $217,000 of his crowd-funding donations on luxury holidays and brothels instead of treatment.

‘Bomb’ the world should be worried about

The Amazon rainforest is dangerously close to an irreversible tipping point and should be described as a “carbon bomb” we need to avoid going off.

Millions join in violent protests

It’s been chaos on the streets of numerous cities around the world as angry citizens take to the streets to protest against inequality, injustice, price rises and corruption. SEE THE BEST PICTURES.

Protesters set city transport on fire

Santiago is the latest city to fall prey to violent uprisings as tech-savvy youths set the city’s transport system on fire and clashed with riot police over fare increases.

Fainting man pushes woman onto tracks

Dramatic vision has shown a woman who came metres from death after she was knocked onto train tracks by a man who fainted on the platform.

Amazon rainforest’s highway to hell

As two highways cut deeper into the Amazon rainforest, they help bring more prosperity but also environmental disaster. Brazil’s challenge is to find a balance.

Nation descends into chaos after 11 days

Thousands of people were wounded or detained in deadly street protests in Ecuador before leaders reached a “moment of peace”.

President imposes brazen new rule

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno has imposed a curfew on the embattled capital in a bid to stymie the violent clashes rocking the city.

‘State of emergency’ over fuel crisis

Violent clashes have broken out after Ecuador declared a “state of emergency” following demonstrations against rising fuel prices.

‘Kim Kardashian’ assassin found dead

A woman dubbed the “Kim Kardashian of organised crime” and considered El Chapo’s top assassin has been found dead in mysterious circumstances.

Excruciating punishment for ‘rapist’

In a city tormented by violence against women, one gang took matters into their own hands — or rather, left it up to a pit bull terrier. WARNING: Graphic

Tourist’s horror after poking ‘fur’ ball

A tourist who prodded what they thought was a sleeping furry animal curled up in a cave, got the shock of their lives. Warning: Gross

Brazil bows to burn ban as fires rage on

Under increasing international pressure, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has issued a fire ban for the next two months.

Remains of 227 sacrificed children found

Experts have just uncovered the remains of 227 people in what is the largest child mass grave in history. WARNING: Graphic

First wives at centre of nasty global spat

A brawl between their husbands has dragged Brigitte Macron and Michelle Bolsonaro into a saga not of their making, which could affect millions.

Brazil mocks Notre Dame fire

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says he’ll only consider accepting aid from the G7 if French President Emmanuel Macron withdraws the insulting comments he made about him.

Photo of woman moment before fall

The moment a woman practising yoga slipped and fell 25m from a balcony and broke 110 bones has been captured by her friend.

Global fund to fight Amazon fires

Fires continue to burn in the rainforests of the Amazon as G7 nations commit funds to help affected countries.

Brazilian president mocks Macron’s wife

French President Emmanuel Macron has labelled Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro “extraordinarily rude” after he endorsed a Facebook post mocking Brigitte Macron.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s pledge to save Amazon

The fire-ravaged Amazon is receiving help in high places, with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars putting his money where his mouth is.

Outrage at man who destroyed Amazon

In the wake of fierce wildfires burning through the “lungs of the world”, many have turned their attention to Brazil’s far-right leader.

The ‘strong’ move to fight Amazon blaze

The Amazon is known as “the lungs of the Earth” because it produces more than 20 per cent of the world’s oxygen. So who’s fighting the fire?

Celebs crusade against Amazon fires

Leonardo DiCaprio and Madonna have led the charge of celebrities expressing their concern over the fires raging in the Amazon.

How Amazon fires really started

The world has been reeling after footage emerged of uncontrolled fires blazing in the Amazon rainforest. Now researchers say they know how they started.

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