Stock Market Geometry

Stock Market Geometry

Software Based on Bradley Cowan’s
Award Winning Books
and WD Gann Techniques

Non-Traditional Technical Analysis

Four-Dimensional Stock Market
Structures And Cycles
Market Science Volumes I & II

Book of the Year” – SUPERTRADERS
“Readers Choice Award” – Technical Analysis Magazine

Technical Analysis of Stock and Commodities Magazine surveyed 60,000+ subscribers for their favorite “Stock Trading System”. Cowan’s books received the “Readers Choice Award“.

“Nature tends to synchronize elements that initially appear to be disharmonious. At times, achieving this synchronous state requires maximum entropy until a common denominator is obtained, after which, stability occurs.”  … p98

The market modeling techniques taught in this home-study course show how successful traders have predicted the direction of price-time action of STOCK, FOREX, and COMMODITIES markets years into the future.

Through a very unique combination of geometry and cycles, traders can pinpoint turning points in both price and time days or years before they happen.

The workbook-like questions and answers show that the results obtained by applying these techniques have an accuracy that does not err by more than one percent! For example, if the techniques indicate a major top 100 trading days in the future the results are not off by more than one trading day!

This course is not one of the “trendy” books which will be read once or twice and set aside to gather dust. They will be referenced years in the future as the foundation of the science of financial market geometry and cycles.
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