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Stock Market Prediction-Simulation Software for PC

  • Advanced stock market forecasting and trading simulation software
  • Computer programs that address the challenges of the modern stock market
  • Intended for traders and investors, easy to use
  • Free update and technical support
  • Free, fully-functional 30-day trial
  • Monthly lease starting from $49.00 or perpetual license starting from $985.00

The Set of Tools to Maximize Trading Profit

  • Technical indicators signals extracted by Neural Network
  • Elliott Wave prediction
  • Pattern recognition filter and predictor
  • Cycles analyzer and predictor
  • Benefit from weekly, monthly, and annual cycles
  • Candlestick forecast composite model
  • Timing finder to buy and sell shares (entry and exit trades)
  • ETFs, stocks, or indexes prediction

Additionally, SMT1 and SMT2

  • One prediction signal using Artificial Intelligence to save time
  • Backtest (SMT1) and forecast history (SMT2) trading simulation to test different exit conditions and finding the best ones
  • Special 4-Way Exit method to maximize trading return
  • Predicted entry/exit prices to make it easier to trade by setting limit order for the next market day

more about SMT1…
more about SMT2… The example of SMT1 user interface:

The example of SMFT-2 user interface:

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