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The GameStop dilemma: What to do if day traders target your company stock

GameStop and other companies briefly saw their share prices surge as Reddit-inspired buyers created a short squeeze. For executives, taking advantage of the …

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Sweet memes are made of this – What the favourite stocks of r/wallstreetbets have in common | Graphic detail

Call-option volume, not short interest, is the best indicator of popularity on Reddit.

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‘We like the stock!’ The anatomy of a meme

Language on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum can be just for fun or signals of investing strategies.

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Why WallStreetBets chatter over GameStop is likely to seen as free speech

GameStop, the video game retail chain, saw its stock rise as much as 1,800% in January 2021 after fans, who believe the stock was unfairly devalued by large …

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