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I have been trading for a couple of years. With some short breaks in between. Due too getting Frustrated, usually when I Give back most or all of my gains.

My occupation as a commercial Driver with the long Hrs. on the Road didn’t make trading any easier.

I finally had too admit too Myself need Help.
Will admit I can be stubborn.

Was never going to reach My Goal of Trading and just
driving part time.

Add popped up on? If remember correctly on u-tube.
Stock Navigators. Decided too look into stock navigators further. subscribed too Toms u-tub channel.

Noticed some things I was doing wrong just from his channel.

With My Occupation schedule, I needed Recorded training . And also reliable customer service.

Joined stock Navigators February of 2020.

As mentioned earlier, the access I need to Recorded Training with all the necessary parts to be successful.

Buy Zones, Support and Resistance,Wave,Trend,Croud Emotion.

Stock Navigators has Showed Me how too use all these Components of the Markets and more.

Went from a Struggling trader to Profitable.
Thanks to Stock Navigators My Goals are surely possible.

Forgot too mention I have tried other programs. But they feel short, Incomplete. As a driver, the best way I can explain it .

Is My experience with some the programs. A road Map with some of the Roads missing. Not able to reach your Destination. Note: yes’ aware every one has GPS. It was just example.

Stock Navigators is complete. Every necessary Part is in the Training. Arrive Your Desination. Achieve Your Trading Goals. What ever it may be.

I Highly Recommend Them. If I can be Successful Trader, with My Job.

Anyone that is Interested in Learning how too Trade or a better Trader. Should Definitely Consider Joining Stock Navigators.

The Staff are Very Friendly and Helpful. Interested In Your Success

Mike I

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