So, today I googled „cannabis penny stocks” for some inspiration and came across this Stock. Namaste Technologies is a heavily shorted stock, which has a lot of potential. Also this is my first DD and English is not my native language, so don’t judge me please.

So what is Namaste Technologies and what are they doing?

Namaste Technologies is a world leading online platform for cannabis products, accessories and education. Their have headquarters in Ontarion, Toronto and further 9 cities all around the world. Namaste is seeking to build the first personalized health and wellness marketplace by offering different types of cannabis products. They currently have 24 websites and 5 warehouses operating in 24 countries around the world. Namaste Technologies has 6 main online platforms, let me introduce them to you.

· Cannmart. Cannmart is a huge retail platform, which offers a bunch of CBD and THC sorts. It is the first licensed non cultivator in Canada. Their cannabis is available for every class and every type of person (5-25$/gram depending on the THC%), which makes them very attractive for customers. Furthermore, Cannmart offers edibles of every possible taste, various oils, flowers, concentrates ans so on. They are also selling a bunch of accessories, like Glaswares, vaporizers, vaporizers parts etc. It is also important to mention that their delivery is quick af. If you are from Toronto or Ontario, you can expect your purchased products on the same day. Fort the rest of Canada it takes up to 2 days. Cannmart operates in 17 fucking countries.

PS. Namaste technologies owns 49% of Cannmart. Overall, after reading some of the reviews, I would say the avarege rating is 4-4.2 out of 5 stars, which is a good sign comrades.

I mean I am not a smoker, but while scrolling trough their website I have developed a desire a rolling a joint, which I will do after finishing this DD.

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· Everyonedoesit: This platforms focuses on high quality glass pieces and vaporizers. Everyonedoesit is based in UK and in the US, but produces their products in the US and Europe. They have an offer of different types of bongs, like percolator bongs. Ice bongs, acrylic bongs and so on. Holy fuck idek the difference between them. Their offer of vaporizers is fascinating as well: desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers and so on. The company had a bad reputation in the past. There was a stereotype, that everyonedoesit was scamming their customers. And then it was purchased by Namaste Technologies a couple of years ago. Since then everyonedoesit could attract a lof of weed lovers and leaving them satisfied. Overall the rating of their products is 4 out of 5 stars.

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