The World’s First Free AI Stock Analyst

Our Mission: to help investors around the world to invest intelligently, knowledgeably, and most of all confidently.

MyAiTrend is the first free Artificial Intelligence (AI) stock analyst application developed for retail investors around the world. MyAiTrend’s proprietary algorithm and Artificial Intelligence optimizes the dataset to enable retail investors to efficiently and decisively conclude what to buy and sell, and at what price.

MyAiTrend was designed to be simple and user friendly. We utilized and developed some of the most sophisticated technologies such as Proprietary Algorithms called MyAiTrend (MAT) Methodology, Artificial Neural Networks, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These proprietary methodologies and innovative technologies differentiate us from the commonly used charting methods such as RSI, MACD, EMA, Fibonacci, Stochastic and etc. MyAiTrend allows the users to view top picks, their portfolio and create a watchlist to enable the user to be more engaged in the stock market. Technical analysis is by no means easy. Success requires analytical study, serious dedication, and most of all, an open mind. With MyAiTrend, we made it simple by cutting out the miscellaneous and focusing on the nuances to provide its users with the most optimal directions.

Investing will no longer be for the elites; it will be a privilege for all. To get started, you can click on the links below or enter the URL on any mobile or desktop web browser.

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