Top 12 Best Stock Screeners, Scanners & Apps [2021]

Screening for stocks is one of the most critical elements in any investing strategy.  Whether you are a day trader scanning the stock market for short-term trading opportunities or a long-term investor screening stocks for profitability,  growth, or value, we have you covered in this review.

As a certified financial, technical analyst, and investor for over 20 years, I understand the key functionality and metrics that make a great stock screener. I hope you see value in the thousands of hours of testing and research invested in this comparison.

With over 800 data points and a detailed screener comparison table, this is the most detailed screener review on the web.

Best Stock Screeners In-Depth Review & Comparison

1. Stock Rover: Winner Best Stock Screener 2021

Best for USA Value, Dividend & Growth Investors Seeking An Excellent Fundamental & Financial Analysis Stock Research Platform. Easy to Use Yet Extremely Powerful; this is Our Outright Winner

Stock Rover Best Stock Software For Income & Value Investors


The Best Free & Paid Screener in the USA
Huge Selection of Fundamental & Financial Scanning Criteria
Incredible Stock Scoring Systems Allow You To Find Perfect Matches For Your Portfolio
Powerful research Report & Portfolio Management Tools
Unique 10 Year Historical Fundamental Database
100’s of Value, Growth & Dividend Screeners / Pre-Built Portfolios
Easy to Use & Integrated With Your Broker for Portfolio Analysis


No Social Community

Try Stock Rover Free

Stock Rover Platform

I actively use Stock Rover every day to find the undiscovered gems that form the foundation of my long-term investments. It is my tool of choice, and I have even developed a Beat the Market Screener that is now integrated into Stock Rover.  Stock Rover runs on PC, Mac, Tablets, and Smartphones and requires zero installation; it simply works.  The market data, scoring, ranking, and analysis are for the USA & Canadian markets only.

Stock Rover has the best implementation of stock screening, research & portfolio management on the market today.

Broker Integration

With Stock Rover, you get broker integration with practically every major broker, including our review winning brokers, Firstrade, and Interactive Brokers.  Stock Rover will take care of profit & loss reporting on your portfolio and provide recommendations for portfolio rebalancing.  Including income (dividend) reporting and scoring, it is a unique package.

Stock Rover is not for day traders; it is for longer-term investors that want to maximize their portfolio income and take advantage of compounding and margin of safety to manage a safe and secure portfolio.

Fundamental Scanning & Screening

Another perfect score for Stock Rover as they hit the mark on company stock scanning and filtering, and fundamental watchlists also.

The list of fundamentals you can scan & filter on is genuinely huge.  Any idea you have based on fundamentals will be covered with over 600 data points and scoring systems.

Watchlists have fundamentals broken into Analyst Estimates, Valuation, Dividends, Margin, Profitability, Overall Score, and Stock Rover Ratings.  You can even set the Watchlist and filters to refresh every single minute if you wish.

The Stock Rover Ratings Engine

The team over at Stock Rover has implemented some great functionality; I particularly like the roll-up view for all the scores and ratings.  Here I have imported the Warren Buffett portfolio, which includes his top 25 holdings.  I have also selected the “Stock Rover Ratings” tab.  This “Stock Rover Ratings” tab rolls up all analysis into a simple to view ranking system, saving a tremendous amount of time and effort while providing a wealth of insight.

The Best Stock Screener Stock Rover. The Warren Buffet Scan

Powerful Pre-Built Screeners In Stock Rover

Stock Rover already has over 150 pre-built screeners that you can import and use.  You need to have the Premium Plus service to take advantage of this, I have reviewed many of them, and they are very thoughtfully built.  One of my favorites is the Buffettology screener.

The Stock Rover Buffettology Screener

Stock Rover Warren Buffet Screener. This screener is based on criteria described in the bestselling Buffettology book. The company should have a 10-year track record of generally increasing EPS with no negative earnings years; long-term debt, not more than 5 times annual earnings; average ROE over the past ten years at least 15%, average ROIC over the last 10 years at least 12%, and earnings yield should be higher than the long term Treasury yield.

Stock Rover Screeners Buffett’s Holy Grail

Here is another screener that I really like.  If you select any screener, in this case, I chose the “Strong Buys Screener” the Fair Value Screener and simply selected the “Fair Value” tab; you are rewarded with arguably the killer features of Stock Rover.  The Fair Value and Margin of Safety analysis and rankings.  These analysis factors are a nightmare to calculate yourself manually, and it could be said, warrant the investment in Stock Rover all by themselves.

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Fair Value and Margin of Safety Rankings

Stock Rover Fair Value & Margin of Safety Indicators

Use Stock Rover For Free

Detailed Dividend & Income Analysis

Stock Ratings & Dividend Analysis

Another reason why I like Stock Rover so much is the detailed dividend and income analysis provided.

As all smart investors know, you need to accrue your dividends to have a chance at excellent market-beating returns.

Stock Rover provides intelligent analysis to enable you to do just that.

Stock Charting & Technical Analysis

Looking at stock charts with Stock Rover is different from all the other software vendors on the market.  Whereas MetaStock & TradingView focus on hundreds of technical analysis (price/volume) indicators, Stock Rover focuses on charting the fundamental financial strength indicators.

With over 154 different financial indicators and only 9 technical analysis indicators, Stock Rover is not the best service for technical analysis or frequent trading. Still, it is by far the complete package for fundamental income and value investors.  Although this section is for technical analysis, they are so good with charting fundamentals, I have rated them a score of 70%.

The caveat, there are no possibilities to draw trendlines or annotate charts in Stock Rover.

Stock Rover Research Reports

An excellent new addition to the Stock Rover platform is the Research report. This brand new service enables you to generate a professional, readable PDF report on any particular stock’s current and historical performance.  To read more about this functionality, see our detailed Stock Rover Review.

Stock Rover Usability

Within 15 minutes, I was using Stock Rover, no installation required, and no configuring data feeds; it was literally just there.  Stock Rover is up and running with a single click of the login button.

Even better is the fact it there are so many curated screeners and portfolios to import and use; you are instantly productive. It is quite a feat that it is easy to use, considering Stock Rover has so many powerful scoring and analysis systems.

Stock Rover Pricing

You can have Stock Rover for free; however, the real power of Stock Rover is unleashed with the Premium Plus service.  Moreover, their top tier of service is not even expensive when compared to the competition.

How Much Does Stock Rover Cost?

  • Free $0. Scanning for 10,000 stocks, 43,000 mutual funds & ETF’s, broker integration, portfolio analysis & market news
  • Essentials $7.99 US/mo. 5 years of historical data, 10 fair value, and margin of safety ratings per month + earnings calendar
  • Premium $17.99 US/mo. 350 fundamental metrics, 10 years of historical data, stock & ETF ranked screening, 10 stock ratings per month, and 20 fair value & margin of safety ratings per month.
  • Premium Plus (Recommended) $27.99 US/mo. 10 years of historical screening, an unlimited margin of safety and fair value scoring, unlimited stock warnings, and stock ratings + analyst ratings scoring.

I strongly recommend going for the Stock Rover Premium Plus at $27.99 per month.  Why?  Because having used the service extensively, I cannot live without the unlimited stock ratings, analyst ratings scoring, and the unlimited fair value and margin of safety scoring.

The lower-priced service tier limits the number of ratings, so go for the Premium Plus; it is well worth it at only $27.99.

Stock Rover Review Summary

Stock Rover wins our Stock Market Software review by providing the best software for value and income investors. A 10-year financials & fundamentals historical library plus incredible scanners, including Warren Buffett & Ben Graham’s favorite criteria. Fair Value, Margin of Safety, and so much more.

If you are a long-term investor, this is the software for you.

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2. TradingView: Best Free Stock Screener For Day Trading

Best Free Global Stock Screener for Investors & Day Traders who want the excellent Fundamental & Technical Stock Screener Capabilities at a Great Price


Good Selection of Fundamental & Financial Scanning Criteria
Best Screener for Global Stock Markets, Every Market Covered
Ability to Screen Forex, Cryptocurrency & Commodities
Excellent Social Community
Great Usability & Setup


No Deep Historical Data

Try TradingView Free

TradingView is one of the best stock market trading and charting platforms available.  It has over 10 million active users sharing ideas and strategies in one big community. TradingView is a serial winner in our reviews, winning the  “Best Stock Charting Software,”  and the “Best Free Stock Charting Software,” and now one of the winners for “Best Stock Screener.”

TradingView has a very slick system, and they have put a tremendous amount of thought into how fundamentals integrate into the analytics and charting system.

Key Screener Benefits of TradingView

  • Watchlists have fundamentals broken into Performance, Valuation, Dividends, Margin, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet.  You can set the Watchlist and filters to refresh every minute if you wish.
  • Economic Indicators & Filters. What makes TradingView stand out is the vast selection of economic indicators you can map and compare on a chart. For example, you can compare the Civilian Unemployment Rate versus the growth in Company Profits for the USA.  This is incredibly powerful.
  • Price: FREE & Premium. You can use TradingView right now, with no login, no installation, and no cost.  However, you will find that the Pro Version of TradingView unlocks even more power and abilities.  Again Starting at $9.95, this is very inexpensive.
  • Global Data Coverage -We recommend TradingView for any international traders as the market coverage is enormous, and if you want a very active trading community, this is the place.

TradingView Stock Screening & Analysis

TradingView Stock Screening – Simple and Effective

The TradingView Stock Screener comes complete with 150 fundamental and technical screening criteria; all the usual measures are there, such as EPS, Quick Ratio, Pre-Tax Margin, and PE Ratio (forwards and trailing twelve months).  But it also goes deeps with more esoteric criteria such as the number of employees, Goodwill, and Enterprise Value.

Another great thing about the screener implementation is that it is very customizable; you can configure the columns and filters exactly how you like it.  As you can see above, I have changed the overview screen to include the number of employees, P/E, and EPS TTM.

Forex Pairs & Crypto Screening Implementation

What makes TradingView unique here is the availability of screeners for chart patterns and setups for foreign exchange pairs.  This makes it very valuable for day traders searching for volatility and using leverage.

The TradingView Forex Screener Is Nicely Implemented

In the Forex screener, we can compare performance and volatility together will help you to narrow down the list for currency traders.

The ability of TradingView to also provide crypto screening is unique.  They have also included a rating filter.  In the screenshot below, you can see a technical rating for the crypto pair.

The rating system enables you to select the crypto’s rated as “strong sell” to use as candidates for a short trade and strong buys as candidates for long trades; this will save you a lot of time.

TradingView Summary

Extremely easy to use, low cost, and packed with Stock Screener Power, including economic data.  The right combination for active international day traders who value a social community.

3. MetaStock: Best Stock Screening & Backtesting

Best for International Investors & Day Traders who want the best Fundamental & Technical Stock Screener Capabilities with the Best Real-time News Service & Economics Data


Excellent Selection of Fundamental & Financial Scanning Criteria
Best Screener for Global Stock Markets, Every Market Covered
Ability to Screen Stocks, Futures, Forex & Commodities
Winner for Backtesting & Forecasting Systems


Need to purchase Refinitiv Add-on for screening
A little pricey

Visit MetaStock

What is MetaStock?

MetaStock is the leader in backtesting, forecasting, and technical chart analysis.  If you purchase MetaStock R/T (real-time), you essentially get the Refinitiv add-on; this adds Real-time news (from Reuters) and Bloomberg level fundamental and technical screening.

They have an incredible database of global fundamental data, not just on companies but economies and industries, the wealth of data is first class. Using Refinitiv, you can see an in-depth analysis of company fundamentals from debt structure to top 10 investors, including level II, combine that with excellent watch lists featuring fundamentals and powerful scanning of the markets, and MetaStock R/T gets a perfect 10.

MetaStock Overview Video 

MetaStock Stock Screener Highlights

  • Global Data Coverage, Real-time, and Accurate
  • Screening on Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Options and even Foreign Exchange (Forex)
  • Extensive Analyst Ratings and Changes Coverage
  • 79 Core Fundamental Screening Criteria, but in reality, there are many more.
  • 100+ off the shelf Technical Screens, but another 169 more are available using the explorations

But It’s Not Free!

The fact is, if you want real power, it will cost you.  MetaStock is a Review Winner for our Best Stock Market Software Review, and that is for many good reasons.

  1. You get real-time news Included
  2. You get world-class charts and flexibility.
  3. You get extremely powerful systems backtesting.
  4. You also get forecasting into the future, which is unique.
  5. Prices for MetaStock R/T + Xenith average $250 per month

MetaStock is one of our valued partners, and we have a “3 months for the price of 1” deal, which should save you $500.

4. TC2000: Best Free Market Scanning & Charting

Best for US & Canadian Investors who want Entire Market Scanning of Fundamental, Technical Criteria + Charting at a Great Price Point

TC2000 Winner Best Market Scanner & Trading From Charts for US & Canada Markets.


Excellent Selection of Fundamental & Technical Screening Criteria
Great Workflow & Fundamentals Integration
Can Create & Scan on Custom Indicators
Ability to Trade from Charts with a TC2000 Brokerage Account


No News Service
No Social Trading

Visit TC2000

Make no mistake about it; if you want fundamentals screened in real-time layered with technical screens all integrated into live watchlists connected to your charts, Telechart is a power player.

TC2000 was one of the few Winners in our “Best Stock Market Software Review.”

I selected TC2000 as my tool of choice back in the year 2000 because it offered the best implementation of fundamental scanning, filtering, and sorting available on the market.  Twenty years later, they are still a leader in this section.

They offer a large selection of fundamentals to choose from, but what makes it unique is the fact you can, with a few clicks, create your own indicators based on the fundamentals.  You can then overlay the indicators directly on the charts, which opens up a whole new world and technical and fundamental analysis—10 out of 10 marks for TC2000.

TC2000 Stock Screener & Software Benefits

  1. Free Version of TC2000 (previously that you can use to begin testing its capability

    EasyScan Stock Screener Dashboards in TC2000

  2. Low-Cost Premium Version. The Premium TC2000 is incredibly powerful, with an end of day data entry-level price of $9.95 per month, which is incredible.
  3. The ease of use masks the robust scanning, screening, and filtering.
  4. Integration. It is the best integrated of all Stock Market Software as you can effortlessly glide from powerful screening on a broad array of Fundamental & Technical Screens to managing your Watchlist and directly trading with the TC2000 brokerage.
  5. ETF Screening. Powerful Exchange Traded Fund Screening is included.
  6. Options Screening. The options Screening and on-screen options execution is second to none and leading the industry.

The only downside here is that it is only available for those who trade the US and Canadian Stock Markets.

Day Trader Stock Scanner & Screener

Worden is also very well suited to Day Traders because its scanning is real-time, and you can trade directly from the charts if you use TC2000 Brokerage.

If you are interested in TC2000, click this button to get a discount on the Liberated Stock Trader PRO Training Course and our Stock Market Crash Detector Book (Combined Value $129)

5. Screener.Co: Good Fundamental Screening Database

Recommended for US & International Value Investors who want a large selection of Fundamental Criteria

Lenny Grover, the founder of, has built a powerful fundamental stock screener using industry-leading Thomson Reuters Data. There is a massive amount of fundamental data, literally everything you ever dreamed of; everything in the financial reports is there and includes detailed breakdowns of each company’s details.


Huge Selection of Fundamental Screening Criteria
Good Historical Database
Can Export Data to Excel


No News Service
Difficult to Use


The Key Features:

  1. A large global universe of securities. This is why we recommend it for international investors; you can even filter  and screen for which exchange, index, sector, and also which country or state the company is headquartered in.
  2. Robust calculation engine that allows non-technical users to create custom screening formulas leveraging over 1,250 built-in metrics
  3. Fast HTML5 web-based platform that allows for rapid iteration when developing screens (unlike Bloomberg’s cumbersome EQS)
  4. Flexible column sets allow any metric (including custom metrics) to be displayed in the results table or watchlist view.
  5. Detailed company profiles that can be viewed by clicking on a result and selecting View Company Profile
  6. Very low price. It’s not free, but this could be well worth the entry-level price.

Screener.Co has solid fundamentals, and here are the elements I find to be unique or especially strong:

  • Insider Trading Screens. You can screen for Insider Net Share Bought, Insider Trades, Insider Ownership Percent, Shares Purchased, Buy & Sell  Transactions, and insider shares sold.
  • Historical Fundamental. Most Stock screeners will only show you the picture now. stored the fundamental data historically also, which is a huge bonus if, for example, you want to track management effectiveness (return on assets) over time.
  • Extensive Dividend Coverage, Institutional Ownership, and Financial Statements.

Click to Zoom Stock Screener Good for Value Investors

Two Drawbacks

  1. Screener.Co is not designed for people looking for Technical Analysis screening.  This means that if you want to scan if the price is above the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) and the Relative Strength Indicator is above its own 20-day exponential moving average (EMA), then you cannot do it with this package.  So active Traders need not apply.
  2. Additionally, Screener.Co is not easy to use.  You will need some significant time to sift through the database and learn the names of the specific criteria you are looking for.

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6. NASDAQ/ZACKS: Simple Free Stock Screener

The NASDAQ Stock Screener has been around for a long time and is powered by Zacks data.  It is the same screener as featured on the ZACKS website.  It is an OK fundamental screener that is easy to use and worth it for a quick scan or supplementing your existing Charting Software with Analyst Ratings.


  • Guru Stock screener. This is a nice idea; they have attempted to formulate the Criteria from famous investors into a pre-configured stock screen you can use off the shelf.  Guru styles implemented include Ben Graham, Peter Lynch & Martin Zweig.  Whether they turn you into the next Warren Buffet is another question.
  • Incredibly detailed EPS (Earnings per Share) Screening, including Earnings EPS, Last EPS Surprise (%), Previous EPS Surprise (%), Avg EPS Surprise (Last 4 Qtrs), Actual EPS used in Surprise ($/sh), Last Qtr EPS, Last Reported Qtr, Last Yr’s EPS (F0) Before NRI & Last Reported Fiscal Yr.
  • Extensive Analyst Rating Filters, including upgrades, downgrades, and rating changes

NASDAQ ZACKS Stock Screener


  • Limited Free Access. Quite a number of the selection criteria require a premium package to be purchased from ZACKS.
  • No Real Technical Screening Capability only fundamentals

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7. FINVIZ Stock Screener: Good Stock Market Visualization

FINVIZ has been around a long time and has a good selection of screening criteria.


  • The opening screen looks impressive, allowing you to drill straight into top gainers and losers and the most volatile stocks.
  • The Visual Approach to Screening is very nice.
  • FINVIZ does have 29 Fundamental Criteria and 17 Technical Criteria to select

Finviz, A Stock Screener, That Has Not Updated The User Experience In 10 Years.


  • Inability to select specific criteria, for example, if you want to select two exchanges, the NASDAQ and the NYSE, you cannot as you can only select one.  This goes for most of the selections and is a large negative.

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8. Yahoo Stock Screener: Best Free Stock Screener App

Yahoo has updated its interactive charting experience, it is a clean experience and full screen, so now it is actually very good.

With 114 different technical indicators, you are well covered with Yahoo Finance.  The interactive charts also now allow you to draw trendlines, linear regressions, and even quadrant lines.

A nice new addition is that Yahoo now provides real-time quotes and charts via the BATS system. Yahoo Finance is working hard to make their charting system a respectable alternative to other free vendors.


  • 52 Different Stock Screening Fundamental Filters
  • Easy to use interface
  • Watchlist integration
  • Good basic off the shelf Screens

Yahoo Finance Stock Screener – CLICK TO ZOOM


  • No Technical Screening Criteria to mention.
  • Access to some powerful scanner filters requires the premium version.

9. CNBC: Good Stock Screener But Poor Interface

If you think this global broadcasting corporation would not settle for anything other than excellent, then you would be seriously wrong.

Over the last year, CNBC has put some effort into improving its charts and indicators.  Called studies on the CNBC website, they have 90 studies that you can apply to a chart and even make the chart full screen.  This is an improvement. They have a stock screener with 98 fundamental indicators, including the number of employees in a company.

They have also added a watchlist functionality. There is no real-time scanning; this is a click and copies to excel situation, and they have a limited stock universe, focusing only on North America.

The Laughable CNBC Stock Screener

10. Reuters: Good Stock Screeners For Beginners

Reuters is definitely leaving the power screening and charting to MetaStock and Stock Rover because this online version of their data is not really worth the effort. However, there are some benefits.


Nice Pre-configured Screens

Reuters Stock Screener. No Match for MetaStock or Stock Rover


Data does include Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific & Africa & Middle East.


  • A seriously limited selection of criteria.
  • Price/Earnings
  • EPS Growth Rate
  • Price/Earnings/Growth (PEG)
  • Sector & Industry

11. MSN Money Stock Screener: Basic 45 Parameter Screening

Microsoft has done a reasonable job with this Stock Screener


  • 45 Fundamental Screening Selections will cover a beginner’s needs
  • Nice Clean, Simple Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Includes MorningStar Ratings
  • Global Data Coverage


  • No easy way to add multiple selected companies to a watchlist.
  • No technical screens

12. MarketWatch Stock Screener: Poor Overall

For a company whose name infers watching the market, this poor stock screener does not do a good job of it.


  • Includes Zacks Ratings
  • Free


  • With a grand total of 4 criteria, this screener is a waste of time.
  • Extremely poor, hardly anything worth selecting

Summary: Best Stock Screeners

Stock Rover is the Best Stock & ETF Screener in the USA, with a 10-year historical database, backtesting, ratings, and in-depth research & portfolio management capabilities. TC2000 has excellent real-time USA market scanning. MetaStock & TradingView are the best screeners for day traders covering global stock markets.

Best Stock Screener Winners Comparison Table

If you want to compare all screener features head to head, jump to the searchable Stock Screener Comparison Table

Stock Screener Complete Comparison Data

We evaluated 20 contenders, from well-known companies like FINVIZ, AOL Finance, MSN Money, CNN Money, MarketWatch, Reuters & NASDAQ, and some newer lesser-known companies.

We trimmed the list to only 12 worth mentioning.  There are clearly four winners based on our evaluation.  The winners were selected based on the number of filterable, customizable criteria available in the Stock Screener, but also including value for money, usability, and innovation.

Vendor StockRover TradingView MetaStock TC2000 Screener.Co ZACKS CNBC Yahoo MSN FINVIZ MarketWatch Reuters
Result Winner Winner Winner Winner Recommended
Market Coverage Stock Rover TradingView MetaStock TC2000 Screener.Co ZACKS CNBC Yahoo MSN FINVIZ MarketWatch Reuters
U.S. Stocks
International Stocks
Stock Screening
Sector & Industry Screening
ETF Screener
Depository Receipts
Mutual Fund Screener
Options Screener
Forex Screener
Crypto Screener
Fundamental Scanning & Screening Stock Rover TradingView MetaStock TC2000 Screener.Co ZACKS CNBC Yahoo MSN FINVIZ MarketWatch Reuters
Real Time Scanning & Filtering
Watch Lists with Fundamentals
Pre-configured Scans
Customizable Scans
Fundamental Screening Filters
Price/Earnings Ratio P/E
EPS Growth Rate 
Price/Earnings/Growth (PEG)
Current Ratio / Quick Ratio
Dividend Yield
Dividend Expected
Profit / Income / Revenue
Price to Book / Price to Cashflow
Assets / Debt to Equity
Return on Equity / investment
Market Capitalization
Profit Margin
Special Value Investing Scoring
Margin of Safety
Fair Value
Greenblatt Earning Yield
Price to Graham Number
Price to Lynch Fair Value
Yachtman Forward RoR
Altman Z-Score
Poitroski Score
Beneish M-Score
Total Fundamental Criteria 500+ 52 79 85 500 128 98 52 45 29 2 3
Unique Screening Criteria Stock Rover TradingView MetaStock TC2000 Screener.Co ZACKS CNBC Yahoo MSN FINVIZ MarketWatch Reuters
Extended Economics Fundamentals
Number of Employees
Enterprise Value EBITDA
Revenue Per Employee
Guru Stock Screener
Analyst Ratings
Analyst Ratings & Changes
Morningstar Profitability & Growth
Technical Screens Stock Rover TradingView MetaStock TC2000 Screener.Co ZACKS CNBC Yahoo MSN FINVIZ MarketWatch Reuters
New Highs – Lows & % Change
Commodity Channel Index CCI
Moving Averages
Money Flow
Ichimoku Cloud
RSI Screen
Technical Screens Score 154 80 100 87 56 2 1 3 5 17 2 0

Best Stock Screeners Comparison Table

Jump to the Legend Explaining the Comparison Factors

6 Steps to Follow Before You Buy Stock 

Here is a simple process I use to find growth stocks.

Step 1: Understanding

Understand what you are looking for. (Fundamentals – EPS% Acceleration).  I cover some of the core of fundamental analysis in Course 102 Stock Market Investing.

Step 2: Selection

Use your selection criteria to narrow down the 7000+ stocks on the US Stock Markets or over 50,000 stock worldwide. (Stock Screening covered in detail in the PRO Training)

Step 3: Fundamentals

From your Screened List, you can then review in detail further detailed fundamentals.

Step 4: Industry Knowledge (optional)

Learn a little about the industry of the stocks you are interested in.

Step 5: Technical Analysis

Analyze the Price Patterns to assess when to BUY “Charting.”

Step 6: Buying Strategy

Work out your Entry and Exit Strategy

Now we know what the process is before we buy, we will now focus on the screener to use and the selection criteria to find good companies.

5 Stock Screener Criteria For Growth Stocks

So, this section is explicitly about filtering out the junk to find the Gems.  This screen is highly focused on fast-growing companies.

1. Close Price >= $4

This is the Share Price of the Stock at the last market close. Use this to filter out Penny Stocks, there is a reason that the share price of a stock can be so small, and it is not usually a good reason; stocks decline in price because the company’s behind the stock are usually run poorly or have little if any cash flow.

2. Market Capitalization >= $200 Million

This is the worth of all the outstanding stocks added together. Essentially the worth of the company. You could use a figure of $100 Million or $50 Million if you wish; this depends on what you personally think constitutes a stable business size. However, the phrase coined recently is “too big to fail,” which sends shivers of paranoia through the private investor.

3. EPS % Change Last Quarter >= 30%

This is the % increase in the EPS for the last three months. I set this a 30% to show us stocks performing strongly.

4. EPS % Growth 1 Year >= 50%.

Combined with the previous criteria, this helps us separate the growth stocks. This means over the last year, earnings have increased by over 50%. Never a bad thing.

5. Projected EPS Change Current Quarter >= 30%.

This means the companies estimated Earnings for this quarter. You could drop this to 20% in the current climate if you wish, as demand is contracting a lot, so 20% would still be healthy.

After you run this screen, you will have a list of potential stocks.  This list changes over time, so do not expect it to be the same as the list above.

What you are left with is companies that are a good size, relatively stable, which strong revenue and profitability.

You may not have heard of these companies; they may still be relatively small, but they may hold the key to strong long-term price appreciation.

Top 10 Best Stock Market Analysis Software Review

Stock Screener Comparison Factors


  • Free, is the service offered for free.
  • Premium, is it a paid-for service.

Market Coverage

  • U.S. Stocks, Complete U.S. Stocks Coverage
  • International Stocks, Are markets in Europe & Asia also covered, e.g., suitable for investors outside the US.

Stock Screening. What Trading Vehicle are Covered

  • Sector & Industry Screening. Can you drill down and screen on specific sectors & industries?
  • ETF Screener. Does the Screener scan Exchange Traded Funds
  • Depository Receipts. Are ADR’s included as a criterion to scan?
  • Mutual Fund Screener. Are mutual funds included?
  • Options Screener. Does the screener enable scanning for Stock Options & Setups?
  • Forex Screener. Does the vendor provide Screening for Foreign Exchange?
  • Crypto Screener. Can you screen Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin?

Fundamental Scanning & Screening

  • Real-Time Scanning & Filtering. Can you scan in real-time and have the software auto-update? Good for day traders.
  • Watch Lists with Fundamentals. Can you build watchlists with Fundamental Column for easy comparison?
  • Pre-configured Scans. Does the company provide off the shelf scans to get you up and running quickly?
  • Customizable Scans. Can you fully customize and even develop your own scans?

Fundamental Screening Filters. Important Fundamentals all Stock Screeners Should Have

  • Price/Earnings Ratio P/E
  • EPS Growth Rate
  • Price/Earnings/Growth (PEG)
  • Current Ratio / Quick Ratio
  • Dividend Yield
  • Dividend Expected
  • Profit / Income / Revenue
  • Price to Book / Price to Cashflow
  • Assets / Debt to Equity
  • Return on Equity / investment
  • Market Capitalization
  • Profit Margin

Total Fundamental Criteria. A Total of all the Fundamental Criteria in the Stock Screener (not just what is listed above)

Unique Screening Criteria. What are the unique Screening Criteria this company offers

  • Extended Economics Fundamentals
  • Number of Employees
  • Enterprise Value EBITDA
  • Revenue Per Employee
  • Guru Stock Screener
  • Zacks Rating
  • Analyst Ratings & Changes
  • Candlesticks
  • Morningstar Profitability & Growth

Technical Screens. Screening on Charts, Indicators & Patterns

  • Price
  • New Highs-Lows & % Change
  • Volume
  • Oscillators
  • Bollinger
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Commodity Channel Index CCI
  • Moving Averages
  • Money Flow
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • Volatility
  • RSI Screen

Total Criteria. A count of all technical criteria available in the Stock Screener App
Total Score. The Sum of Total Fundamental Criteria + Total Technical Screener Score 

Top 5 Best Stock Portfolio Trackers for 2020

How to Create, Build & Manage a Winning Stock Portfolio

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