Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: January 8,

Two CentOS Replacements En Route After Red Hat’s Unpopular Move to Drop Support – Red Hat didn’t make any friends when it decided to stop supporting the popular free replacement for RHEL, but new alternatives are already in the works.

NVMe-over-TCP Pioneer Lightbits Supercharges Data Center SSD Storage – The startup, led by successful enterprise tech executives, is going after the multi-billion-dollar direct attached storage market.

Dell Gets ‘Assertive’ About How Off-Prem Private Cloud Is Designed – The Data Center Podcast: Deepak Patil, head of Dell’s cloud business, on the giant’s strategy for delivering ‘everything-as-a-service’

10 Cybersecurity Threats Enterprise IT Should Watch Out for in 2021 – Ransomware, the pandemic, and government hackers made 2020 a banner year for cybercrime. Here’s what security experts say is in store for this year.

Why Hybrid Cloud Is Central to the Colocation Industry’s Future – As public clouds grow more sophisticated, it becomes harder and harder for data center providers to build compelling offerings by selling rack space.

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