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Customer Testimonials

“Tradelog Team – just a quick note of thanks and appreciation! Your software is excellent, tutorials best in class and support superb. There is no possible way I could have handled my Return without it.”

— Bruce in Tampa

“I recommend your software, it saves us a lot of money and time.”

— Jeff in New York City

“Thanks for the explanation. It seems every year I have one of these odd ball [tax] situations… Thanks for the great software and job you guys do. I’d be a basket case at tax prep time without TradeLog!”

— Doug B.

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for your excellent product, and even more for your blue ribbon support.”

— Chris V.

“TradeLog has made this monumental task possible. All aspects are superb. One of the best experiences I have ever had. Your documentation, tutorials, knowledge and insight into the tax process and implications, even the clarity of the sign-up process. The best software support and response that I have experienced. And I’ve learned a lot.”

— M. Freehill

“My taxes would be so difficult without TradeLog. The more I use it the more amazed [I am] at what it can do. When I send in my taxes to the IRS I feel confident that I can back up my reporting and know that it is correct.”

— M. Wilson

“I plan to trade for many years to come and need to work with people who have a complete tax solution with solid, real tech support. Many thanks again, you guys fit the bill.”

— D. Frank

“…thank you for all of your support. I must say, you are seriously perhaps the most helpful software provider I have ever dealt [with]!”

— G. Lowe

Join the many thousands of traders who
filed a smarter tax return with TradeLog.

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