Trading Software for Stock, Forex and Futures Traders



– Create as many charts as you want
– Multiple panes
– Combine different symbols and periods in the same chart
– Fully customize your charts
– Create linked charts
– Arrange your charts with a simple button
– Display trading system buy and sell signals on a chart

Trading Indicators

– More than +200 indicators and functions are available
– Download trading indicators shared by other members
– Drag & Drop indicators
– Create custom indicators using C# or JScript.Net language
– Lock and encrypt your custom indicators

Drawing Tools

– Many drawing tools to use including Support and resistance lines, Trend Lines, Fibonacci…, Gann…
– Drawing tools are fully customizable (Color, width, style…)
– Auto support and resistance lines tool
– Drawing tools can be set to stick to close, high, low or open price
– Download drawing tools shared by other members
– Create custom drawing tools with C#
– Create simple or advanced drawing tools


– Create simple, static or dynamic watch-lists
– Add custom columns to your watchlists
– Sort watchlists by any criterion
– Dynamic watch-lists are automatically updated if necessary on new quotes or new databases data.
– Download watchlists from the sharing server



– Screen your securities using simple or complex rules
– Create screens based on technical, fundamental, sentiment and news data
– Add custom columns to your screens
– Screen symbols on a specific date or bar
– Get statistical information about your screening result
– Color fields using your own conditions

Custom Databases

– Create custom databases to store fundamental, sentiment, news or any other data
– Easily access custom databases data from the QS language and C#
– Create historical and intraday databases
– Import data into your own databases manually, using the CSV importer or automatically with download items
– Plot database data on charts
– Use this data to create powerful rules in your trading system




– A download item retrieves any content from internet, parses it, then automatically inserts it into your databases
– Download quotes, news, fundamental data, insider data, upgrades/downgrades…
– Download and parse RSS feeds
– Download and parse CSV, Text, Excel or ZIP files
– Get more than +300 downloaders shared by other members

Sharing Server

– This is the place where our members share what they have created with QuantShare
– Download trading systems, scripts, list of rules, symbols list, download items, neural network models… shared by other members
– List and search all the objects that are shared by the community
– Bookmark your favorite items
– Download any shared object or item with one click




– Create any type of trading system
– Create trading systems programmatically or using the wizard
– Implement trading systems by combining news, fundamental data, sentiment data, neural network, composites, trading rules…
– Optimize your trading systems easily
– Get detailed report for each trading system you backtest
– Get your strategy buy and sell signals on a chart
– Combine several trading systems and see which combination performs best
– Download ready to use trading system from the sharing server


– Create portfolios to track your positions
– Create a portfolio based on a trading strategy and and automatically generate daily buy/sell/short/cover orders
– Detailed metrics and stats for each portfolio
– Combine several portfolios and see which combination performs best
– Add orders manually
– Deposite and withdraw cash to your portfolios
– Access any portfolio programmatically using the global script



Money Management

– Create advanced trading systems with C#
– Get full control of your trading system
– Create adaptive trading systems
– Simulate the optimal F, Kelly , Fixed Fracional Trades or any other money management techniques
– Update and optimize money management variables directly from the simulator manager
– Add one or several money management scripts to your trading system
– Download money management scripts for the sharing server


– Create simple and advanced composites (indexes, breadth indicators)
Average RSI value of a basket of symbols.
Percentage of symbols that are advancing
– Create screens, watchlists, trading systems, charts… based on your composites
– Composite symbols are updated automatically on new quotes or databases fields data
– Create EOD, Intraday and tick-based composites



AI Optimizer

– Optimize list of rules to find which combination of rules performs best
– Optimize ranking systems to find which combination of nodes gives the best output
– Optimize trading systems to find which set of parameters leads to the most profitable trading system.
– Optimize prediction models to find which model has the better prediction accuracy.
– Perform artificial intelligence optimization using two algorithms: Genetic algorithm or Population based incremental learning algorithm
– Create your own fitness formula to fully control the optimization process
– AI Optimizer supports multithreading

Neural Network

– Create powerful prediction models using neural networks
– Access your prediction models in your screens, watchlists and trading systems
– Create rules, ranking systems, trading systems based on neural nework prediction models
– Optimize your prediction models using the Genetic algorithm or the PBIL algorithm



Rules Analyzer

– Easily create hundreds and thousands of trading rules
– Analyze each trading rules to see which one performs best
– Optimize your trading rules using the AI optimizer
– See the impact of each trading rule on your trading system
– Downlad trading rules from the sharing server

Ranking Systems

– Create ranking systems based on nodes and formulas
– Analyze ranking systems or individual nodes
– Include a long/short ranking system in your trading system
– Optimize your ranking system using the AI optimizer
– Access ranking systems from other tools such as the screener, watclist, composite…



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