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About trading software

The rapid development of computer technology and its potential for analyzing large amounts of market data has been driving the development of trading software in recent years. 
Trading software enables traders and self-directed investors to manage financial products like currencies, stocks, futures, and options. It can be web-based, as well as accessed through desktop and mobile apps.

Choosing trading software 

Brokers provide trading software to their clients either free of charge or at a discount. Different software offers different features. The most common include placing and managing trades, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, sentiment analysis, auto-trading, as well as historical and real-time practice trading. Often, capabilities can be enhanced and expanded with third-party software.
When choosing trading software, keep in mind that more features are not always best. Assess your needs, investment goals, and trading style. Typically, the wider the range of features the higher the fees. Take this cost into consideration because it can impact the profitability of your trading. Don’t spend money on things you are not using.

Forex Peace Army vs. professional reviews 

Since trial periods of trading software are rarely offered, reviews are extremely important in helping you choose the one that best suits your needs. There are two sources for reviews of trading software: those provided by professional reviewers and those compiled by Forex Peace Army. Both are valuable because they are different.
Professional reviewers learn the software, weigh the pros and cons, and present an easy-to-understand snapshot of the product. This research takes time, which must be compensated in some way. Even if the product seller is not sponsoring the review, most professional reviewers require that you sign up for their service. Since they have a vested interest in promoting currency trading, their reviews tend to be more positive than negative. After all, if they deterred their followers from forex trading, they would be putting themselves out of business.
In contrast, reviews by traders tend to be raw, frank, unbiased, and up-to-date. While a professional reviewer will evaluate a product and move on, current reviews are always available on Forex Peace Army. In a rapidly-shifting sector like forex, having access to the most recent reviews is crucial. 
Even after you commit to a product or service, it’s advisable to check Forex Peace Army reviews regularly so you can be alerted to any problems at an early stage. 

Contribute to Forex Peace Army’s reviews

Forex Peace Army peer reviews are reviews you can trust. Before being published, each one is vetted by a human editor and verified with our proprietary technology. 
We invite you to contribute to our trading software reviews. By providing your feedback, you are helping our large community of traders and investors, as well as the providers of good services. Good karma makes for good trading!

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